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    Please can you help.

    I am trying to find the War Diary of the INITIAL TRAINING COMPANY of the Queens Royal Regiment. I know of a Lieutenant who served with the ITC from 2 March 1940 and was posted to the British Resistance Organisation (Auxiliary Units) on 9 November 1940 as East Sussex Scout Section leader. About eleven men from the Queens joined at the same time. The photograph shows them. I am trying learn their names.

    Was the Initial Training Company part of the Regimental Depot or a Holding Battalion?

    Any information or advice is appreciated.

    Thank you aux dads group.jpg
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    Many thanks dbf

    I also thought ITC was Infantry Training Centre but this is an extract of my fathers service record I got from the MOD

    Posted to 168 Officer Cadet Training Unit Bulford
    Discharged having been appointed to a Commission
    Appointed to a Regular Army Emergency Commission as
    2nd Lieutenant into the Queens Royal Regiment
    Promoted War Substantive Lieutenant

    Served with Initial Training Company
    Served with Headquarters Auxiliary Units Home Forces
    Appointed as a Scout Section Officer

    Served with the 13 H Battalion

    A useful link thank you - unfortunately it looks as if they only kept Diaries for 1939

    Kind regards
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    Not sure if this would be of any use at all, all depends on the unknown content as usual...


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    I think that the person who originally wrote the record made a mistake and put down Initial Training Centre rather than Infantry Training Centre. He or she may have seen the ITC abbreviation on some document and put down Initial instead of Infantry. Having looked at other records, this was not uncommon.
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