RAAF Organization December 1941

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    A couple questions concerning the organization of the RAAF at the start of the war in the Pacific regarding the assignment of units to the Area Commands & Training Groups. As I understand it the Area Commands were responsible for the training, administration & operational employment of units in their respective areas, with some exceptions. I have seen documents that say the Air Headquarters “closely supervised” the schools responsible for the training of instructors and specialist for the service as a whole (CFS, Signal School & Armament School). That the Air HQ was responsible for the “technical supervision & standards” for the BAGS & technical training, the Recruiting Centres “for policy”, and the “technical control” of all maintenance units. Does that mean that these units reported directly to Air HQ, or were they administered by the Area Commands & Training Groups? Second question. If these units (the various Depots, Hospitals, Recruiting Centres, etc.) were under the Area Commands, did they report directly to the Area Command, or did they report to the Station/Base Commander where they were physically located? Thanks for any information you can provide, as a Yank it can be confusing trying to figure out how things were organized (I have much the same problem with the Navy's "stone frigates"...)
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    Roberto, Thanks, but the official histories were one of the sources I had already checked.
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    Thanks for the links! I concur I have been scouring the internet & librarys (when I can gain access) and have been unable to find many details on how the RAAF was organized. I've been interested for years in the organization of the various armed forces at the start of the war in the Pacific. Originally the US Navy & Army, then the British Commonwealth. Since I retired (and with the Covid virus keeping me at home) I've been able to devote a lot more time to my "hobby", and I'm able to dig into those areas I've had questions about.

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