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    Here's some info that might be of some use.

    73948 S/L George Andrew Darlow, awarded MID Twice in 1945 - Meteorological Branch - AHQ Greece - Detached British Military Mission (Greece) - MID - Citation Missing

    One of the 2 MIDs he was awarded in 1945 will definitely be for this. I found his very detailed report in AHQ Greece's ORB (Air 24/753)

    Sep to Nov 44 - Operation Cheviot

    Part of three man team, S/L Darlow (RAF), Lt S P Legg (RE), Cpl De-Ath (RCS), who were parachuted into Greece to provide information to AHQ Greece and 2 Ind Para Bde on weather conditions in and around the airfields near Athens. They all went to Elevsis, before Legg went to Kalamaki & Tatoi. They were also assisted by staff from British Military Mission (Greece) and Major McKaskie and his staff from SOE- Force 133.

    Lt Legg (262531) got an MC in LG 13 March 1945. His citation is missing.

    Cpl De-Ath (3969039) got a MID in LG 9 Aug 1945.

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    Thank you very much for your work. Unfortunately, my wife's Great Uncle was one of those awarded the DFC and has notification only. Several years ago I asked the Medals Dept if they happened to have a copy of the citation and couldn't find it. As I was waiting on the telephone, I noticed that Guy Gibson was gazetted at the same time, a few names above. When the young lady came back, I happened to mention it to her. She asked me to hold on. When she returned, she said that she was surprised to find that his one was missing too. She wondered whether certain citations of interest might have been purloined!

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    AFCs AFMs EGMs and CGM(F)s added. a total of 65605 Awards

    Whats left? CBE, OBE, MBE, BEMs are left..

    [​IMG]VC : 30 [​IMG]EGM(M) : 8 [​IMG]DSO : 1222 [​IMG]DFC : 20927 [​IMG]MC : 85 [​IMG]AFC : 2481 [​IMG]CGM(F) : 107 [​IMG]DFM : 6483 [​IMG]MM : 262 [​IMG]AFM : 292 [​IMG]MiD : 33708
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    About 6000+ entries citations and LG links for the Order of the British Empire series are uploaded.

    RAF Awards Query

    GBE(M) : 4
    KBE(M) : 44
    DBE(M) : 3
    CBE(M) : 548
    OBE(M) : 1422
    MBE(M) : 2338
    BEM(M) : 2320

    While most data is uploaded BEM(M) Citations where available are still Work-in-Progress

    There are a total of 72173 Award records

    Will take a shot at cleaning up the MiD Data again. That will take me at least an year to get it right!
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    Cleaned up the MID Data.. and it is quite complete for surname search.

    [​IMG]MiD : 42710

    Previously I had about 33000 entries here - now the new number is pretty much complete and has about 41943 entries. I would expect this to be 99% accurate. There are the odd OCR errors.. but all will be fixed in due course of time.

    One flaw with the LG listing of MiDs is that they only published with intials. with some work at my end, roughly 25% have full names, but the rest still have initials.

    There are a total of 81173 Award records in this database
    [​IMG]VC : 30 [​IMG]GC : 27 [​IMG]GBE(M) : 4 [​IMG]KBE(M) : 44 [​IMG]DBE(M) : 3 [​IMG]CBE(M) : 548 [​IMG]DSO : 1222 [​IMG]OBE(M) : 1422 [​IMG]MBE(M) : 2338
    [​IMG]DFC : 20927 [​IMG]MC : 85 [​IMG]AFC : 2481 [​IMG]CGM(F) : 107 [​IMG]BEM(M) : 2320 [​IMG]DFM : 6484 [​IMG]MM : 131 [​IMG]AFM : 292 [​IMG]MiD : 42710

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