RAF Regiment 2798 Rifle Squadron

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    RAF Regiment 2798 Rifle Squadron
    I am trying to research the RAF Regiment 2798 Rifle Squadron and their capture of the Longchamps racecourse in Paris during the Liberation of Paris.

    And what forces besides a FFI Company assisted them in the capture of the racecourse.
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    Have you considered getting a copy of the units War Diary:

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    AIR 29/100 2798 Squadron RAF Regiment. Formed at Church Lawford (Warwickshire) in February 1942; based at various stations in the United Kingdom until July 1944, then in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Part of 85 Group from July 1944 to March 1945, then 83 Group.

    I suspect it maybe a thick file though as it appears to cover a period of 5 years

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    If you are tracking a personal history get "your man's" service record first as the RAFR went through several restructure in 1944 and part of the history you track down may not be applicable.

    Prior to that each squadron had a AA Flight, 2 Rifle Flights and and Armoured Car Flight. In 1944 they were split into LAA, Rifle and Armoured Car Squadrons and there were many inter-squadron transfers of flights.

    For example my Dad was 2804 Sqn, Armoured Car Flight and was transferred to 2777 Armoured Car Squadron.

    Also if you get hold of the Operations Record Book (Army use the War Diary) also get hold of any appendices that are referred to as they can give some real detail about the operations referred to in the ORB.

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    Hi jorgriv

    Good advice from Andy and Jim. See also this thread - Through Adversity - History of the RAF Regiment - linking to a history of the RAF Regiment. You may have seen this already.

    I'm not sure the link is working so here is the text (from page 134) that's relevant:

    "The success which Regiment squadrons had achieved in escorting Air Technical Intelligence (ATI) teams in the Mediterranean theatre resulted in their employment in similar roles in Europe. With armoured car and rifle flights to escort them, ATI teams went ahead of the Army to secure German radars at Mount Pincon and Houlgate and to examine the major rocket site in the quarries at Hautmesnils. On 25th August 2798 Rifle Squadron, which had been protecting RAF radar sites in one of the American corps areas, was ordered to secure Longchamps racecourse in Paris as a possible landing site. With guides from the French Maquis the squadron took a devious route into the city to reach its objective ā€“ thus becoming one of the first Allied units to enter the French capital."

    There's also an entry on page 137 stating that 2798 were under Canadian Army command, manning the line along in Leopold canal area in late 1944. Page 138 states:

    "In the advance to the River Waal 2798 Rifle Squadron was redeployed from the Canadian sector to join the Reconnaissance Regiment of 43 (British) Division and in the subsequent fighting, while under Army command, LAC TG Davies earned a Military Medal."

    Finally, I've got this entry (from the ORB of 2742 squadron from December 1944) :

    KORTENBURG (Belgium)
    ā€œCā€ Flight - 23rd Dec.
    Billets found with 2798 Squadron at KORTENBURG and general car maintenance done.

    Hope all this is helpful and best wishes with your search!

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    My Grandfather Raymond Kirk was in the 2798 Squadron. I have been researching his career for a few years. His story can be found in my family history web site. Rays War story tracks his movements from the bases in the UK, across to France via Omaha beach and all the way to Travelmunde on the German Baltic Coast. I researched the records at the National Record Office at Kew and I have my Grandfather's War Diary to pinpoint his movements. Unfortunately there is not a lot of info on the taking of the racecourse but I have found a little more information on Paris etc. There are some photos as well my Grandad took with his own camera. You can find it all at
    rayswarstory - familyhistory-markkirk
    Hopefully this is of interest to you !
    Regards Mark
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