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    The RAF REGIMENT was formed in February 1942 The first headquarters was established at RAF Alma Park, Grantham, Lincolnshire and its first depot at nearby RAF Belton Park

    Would they have kept War Diaries?
    What would the TNA reference number be for the RAF Regt HQ

    Thank you
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    As Unit War Diaries were an Army thing, the RAF Regiment completed RAF Operations Record Books (ORBs) instead.

    The National Archives have digitised the RAF ORBs for WW2, but only for the flying squadrons (AIR 27).

    If you wish to have a look at any the ORBs of the RAF Regiment (AIR 29/104), you'll need a trip to TNA.

    There is a RAF Regiment Museum at RAF Honington. But I have no idea if they have any ORBs.

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    Many thanks - so I need to search the RAF Regt Headquarters ORB's
    I am looking for information on Colonel Major who commanded Auxiliary Units until 1942 then left to form the RAF Regiment. But I know nothing else.

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