RAF Regiment in WW2

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    As said in my user introduction I am a member of the RAF Regt Museum Volunteers who are looking into the history of The RAF Regiment. I have already got some brilliant feedback from members and look forward to working with you all.


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    I went as a Infantry Corporal with a small Cadre consisting of an Officer and two Sergeants seconded for a period to Bomber Command Airfield at Waterbeach near Cambridge in mid to late 1942. We were to instruct Warrant Officers and Senior NCOS of the Ground Staff in the use of infantry weapons and in the manouvres necessary for the defence of an aerodrome. They were the first echelons of the RAF Regiment. [Second World War Memoirs, pp.5 and 6.]

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    Joe, thanks very much for this input we are always interested to see how the Rest was integrated as a new service during a time of war.
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    Are you still looking into the history of the RAF Regiment? Where is the museum located? I have recently started reading a series of exercise books written by my father, Sgt E S Hoskins, which are his memoirs of his experiences in the RAF Regiment. The books start during winter 1943/44, then continue through the D Day landing and later his experiences as part of the peacekeeping force, in what was then Palestine, in 1946. There is also a exercise book of his ‘Bofors Instructors’ training course at Filey in February 1944. He was a good artist and the books contain several illustrations. I am wondering whether to transcribe these & perhaps have them printed (His service number was 1549214 and he seems to have been both in 2761 & 2762 Squadron.) if you’re still involved in the museum, might this be the kind of thing you’re looking for?

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