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    Random Harvest
    I have just found in attic a very careworn item with this title. Ten pages typed on a Remington.
    Subtitled The Magazine of G Section, 16 BW REME. Dated 13/7/1945. Pretty fragile but readable. Anyone interested ? From my dad Stanley Francis Bowden who served in Desert Rats.
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    The first puzzle is what does BW mean? Base Workshop would fit with being REME, although it is often not abbreviated in that format!

    Have a peek at: REME 16th Base Workshop, CMF and REME - Grandfather's Service Record

    I would suggest you scan the the ten pages here so others can peruse and provide help.

    I assume your father was not in the REME. Not my subject, but the REME often worked alongside other units e.g. a tank regiment, so your father may have known someone who served in 16 Base Workshop.

    There is a REME Museum that might be interested. See: Welcome to the REME Museum
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    “Random Harvest” is a film my wife dearly, and so far vainly, hopes will pop up on Talking Pictures TV. I check every week.

    Welcome aboard Robert.

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