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    I have been given today a colour photocopy of some original insignia belonging to the grandfather of a friend. I am hoping to identify the ones I don't know (all except the RASC cloth shoulder titles!).
    I am purely reliant on my powers of description and your powers of perception simply because I don't have a scanner and wouldn't know how to post images anyway. So here goes...….
    1). Flat topped cloth shield, white background, blue cross with yellow sword running vertically down the cross.
    2). Rectangular cloth badge approx. 2" x 1/2". The badge is landscape format divided centrally with one half coloured blue and the other yellow/mustard (appears same colour as embroidery on shoulder title). Are they unit identifiers, trade insignia or what else? Which way up would they have been worn?
    3). This one may be tricky, it looks like a medal bar with two ribbons on it, of course it could something else. It is marginally wider than item 2 and the ribbons if that is what they are coloured d/blue, red, pale blue and the other is blue, white, red, white, blue vertical stripes.
    This all stems from a chance conversation with a friend who had family papers and photos which unfortunately as it turned out were the 'wrong war' for my limited insight (ww1 being my interest). The copies I have include the above insignia, his army pay book, driving licence, and 18 photographs most of which were taken in the aftermath of the liberation of Belsen at which he was present. The photos include the burning down of the huts (1 using a flame thrower). On the reverse of some of the photos are some notes in the owners handwriting. There is also a copy of his permit to enter the camp dated 2nd July 1945.
    I haven't fully read the information myself yet but intend to ask some more questions relating to him if I can weigh up which part of the forum in which to post them in.
    Thanks for looking and all information will be gratefully received
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    Thanks Owen, 1 down 2 to go before I start with the next batch of questions!
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    having gone through the other papers I will be asking a few more questions when I get the chance and will hopefully post them in the appropriate section.
    Thanks again
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