Re: US Troops Still In England Awaiting Embarkment To France

Discussion in 'US Units' started by Lainie53, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Laine, Never mind. Good luck with the lottery. It is worth trying to make contact electronically with the Local History Societies. They will probably have a lot of information about local US camps that you may not find elsewhere and will be able to tell you something about life in the 1944 local British communities where your relative served. Drop them an email..
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    Bernard85......Thank you for your service and your reply. Years ago....back in the end of the 70's and beginning of the 80's, I worked with a man that was a Navy man stationed at Pearl Harbor on that horrible day. There wasn't a day of his life that he didn't proudly wear his big silver 'Pearl Harbor Survivor' belt buckle....I'm sure he's been in the glory of Heaven for years now...and he earned every moment of it.
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    I've seen your tracks across the Internet looking for information -- you are rightly persistent. I would say gave you the best available for free and now it is probably time to get the unit documents that might be available at NARA in College Park, Maryland. Because the unit you seek is small (a company might only have up to 200 men) you should hire a researcher. NARA has a page of known researchers here:

    Contact a few, get some estimates and go with the one that "gives you the best vibe". It may be pricey but it is the last place to look. As a Master Sergeant your father(?) could figure prominently in the unit history.

    Otherwise to continue your discussions around the forums you might try to summarize what you think you know (dates, location, activities) and we will try to help you understand more.

    I did find this scrap of information online that narrows the time frame for when the 875th Ordnance HAM Co landed in Normandy (assuming the OCR is accurate). The "break-through" was on 28 July 1944.
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    You are quite entitled to your opinion - which I would defend - but to state that I am not a nice man - based on just a few words between us is laughable...

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    Lainie53 Member very nice of you to contribute your time and effort to my endeavor. If I were closer to you I'd bake you a cake, but a very heartfelt thank you will have to take it's place. The newspaper article was great...even though it was about my Dad directly, it gave me good reason to smile!! You're a good person!!
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    - not much of a contribution to your quest but I thought this was quite thought provoking and among some of the better material that can be found.

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