Remembering Today 31/7/41 Civilian: Thomas Brennan

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    I note he was injured 3 May 1941 and died 31 Jul 1941 - also at least 2 others died - Arthur Lodge (70) injured 3 May 1941, died 8 May 1941 and Ann Clay Salisbury (71) injured 3 May 1941, died 29 May 1941


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    Possibly also George Flannery (35) - of 34 Shelley Street, Bootle

    All have the address of 74 Wigan Road ?? wonder what that was, a pub, ?? or something else
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    Ormskirk Inion Workhouse was founded in 1834 by the Ormskirk Board of Guardians. It became a hospital in 1930 when the then Lancashire County Council became responsible for health care. It was called Ormskirk County Hospital and was at 74 Wigan Road, Ormskirk. It had a geriatric ward, and I note that Thomas was 76, so possibly the reason he was there. The Hospital became Ormskirk & District General Hospital when the National Health Service took over in 1948.
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    I put their ages in ( ) so yes they were elderly except George who may have been a 'nurse' looking after them. Thanks Kevin that would seem to round off the thread


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