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Discussion in 'US Units' started by 52nd Airborne, Jul 12, 2008.

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    It seems as though I had a distant American relative who served as an G.I. in Europe. Don't know where to start on this, has anyone tried to research any of our Colonial friends. Any advise is truely welcome!
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    Any information you have can be entered in the search form here.

    Steve W.
  3. 52nd Airborne

    52nd Airborne Green Jacket Brat

    Thanks Steve, Thats great, I think I may of found him.
  4. sapper

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    A nice door, Just what we wanted! We had both decided that we would get it off its hinges when we heard footsteps coming down the loft steps and a pair of German jackboots appeared. Spud pointed his empty Sten gun at him and I drew my trusty Bowie knife that the Yank had given me prepared to do this fellow some very serious harm, when a voice called out. "I want to give myself up" in a voice with an American accent, in these unusual circumstances and with great caution, we let him come on, having seen what they were prepared to do with their own officer, we took no chances. None! I have never seen anyone so keen to give himself up, he told us that he was the son of an American mother and a German father, while they were on holiday in Germany the war had broken out and he was unable to get home, subsequently he was called up to serve in the German army, sent to Normandy, he told us that his mum had told him to stay behind and give himself up to the Americans. Having listened to him for some time, I was quite convinced that he was telling the truth, we gave him a cigarette and had quite a long chat before turning him in, he was not far away from the American sector, they were quite close, but not close enough. For many years I have wondered what happened to this man? One cannot be anything else but curious when faced with such bizarre events. I would give a lot to trace this man, just to find out what happened to him afterwards?
    But I think think there is not much chance of that???
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    I didn't know you'd encountered one of these Yanks in the wehrmacht we sometimes hear of Brian.


    I'd have thought he was much better off being caught by you Tommys than his own countrymen... can't imagine you chaps would have been too well disposed to any British guys if you'd ever encountered one on the wrong side.

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    Thanks Steve, Thats great, I think I may of found him.

    Welcome! ;)

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