Return to Sicily after 66 years

Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts' started by Ron Goldstein, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Just to report back after my trip to Sicily.

    I like to think that, as someone in his mid eighties, I usually manage keep my emotions in full check.

    Having said that, I have to confess to that when the Car Ferry boat set sail from Messina, across the Messina Straits and I found myself comparing it with my last trip on those identical waters my overwhelming feeling of satisfaction was inescapable.

    The fact that this time I had my lifelong partner by my side obviously helped, but it took much will power not to punch the air in triumph as if to say "I made it, so there !"

    The trip to Villa San Giovanni took less than half an hour and from there our friendly taxi drove us to the National Museum in Reggio di Calabria where we got to see the famous Riace Bronzes.

    I took over 300 pics during our week at Taormina but don't be afraid, you will only get to see a few !

    The manned torpedo, by the way, is in the Public Gardens of Taormina.

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  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Welcome back Ron & Nitta, glad you had a good trip.
    Sounds wonderful.
  3. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed Ubique

    Hi Ron - nice to see you back and glad it was such a memorable trip for you. Look forward to more photos!
  4. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    Looks like you had a nice trip and loke the others, l too look forward to seeing your pictures.

  5. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I must say you Gents are gluttons for punishment :)

    A few more pics attached, when I've unpacked I'll come back here and caption them



    I'm now unpacked :p

    I must tell you about the WW2 snaps, all on one A4 sheet and usually folded in four so that it can be carried in my camera case. Whever I travel in Italy I always take this sheet with me, as, when I'm talking with the locals on WW2 subjects, it helps to demonstrate where I was at any given time.

    I also always make a point of asking for senior citizen's concessions whenever Nita & I visit museums etcetera.

    When we were visiting the Greek amphitheatre in Taormina (thats me at the top tier) I asked at the ticket booth for a concession but the girl in the office asked in turn for documentary proof of my age (my passport would have done but I didn't have it with me).
    I pulled out my WW2 sheet and asked, in my best Italian "Will this suffice?"

    Talk about starting a riot ! ...... she called out for all the others to see what this bearded old bugger had produced and the three young girls gave me their e-mail addresses and insisted I send them a copy as soon as I got home !


    The Puppet Show was in the nearby Public Gardens and was a clear throwback to the days long before TV was ever thought of.
    The local beer is also pretty good.
    Finally, if anyone is ever thinking of going to Taormina I can recommend a very nice hotel.

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  6. sicily43

    sicily43 Senior Member

    Good Ron!
    I'm Happy you have a good trip in Sicily
  7. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    So glad you too enjoyed your trip so much :)

    Met anyone from the Corleone family? :icon-mrgreenbandit:
  8. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran


    It's funny that you should ask that , the theme tune from "The Godfather" was being played in quite a few tourist shops so I asked Nita to take this snap for me


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  9. penance

    penance Member

    Great to see you had a good time Ron.

    My Grandfather fought through Sicily and Italy with 51 HAA, he took me to Florence, Rome and Venice to show me where he had been, wonderful memories.
  10. Larry

    Larry WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself in Sicily re-tracing the steps that we both took so long ago through Adrano & Bronte.
    See you on Wednesday !!!!!

    I looked to see if I could find a photo of me in Sicily but no joy so I'm attaching the one of me in Naples when I was handsome :D

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  11. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran


    Further to my report, I was most interested to see the article below in today's Times, about the two-manned human torpedo known in the RN as "Chariots". (See first pic below)

    The description mentions the Valiant & the Queen Elizabeth battleships that were damaged in Alexandria in 1942.

    This ties up exactly with the Italian human torpedo that I saw during my stay in Taormina this year.
    (see the centre pic below showing the story behind the torpedo)

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  12. marcus69x

    marcus69x I love WW2 meah!!!

    Sounds like you had a great trip Ron. Some good photos.
  13. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    i'm from Messina, do you need some war info??? i wrote a book about war period in Messina and Sicily.
    The toperdo's real name is "SLC" siluro lenta corsa - slow run torpedo, called ""maiale""
  14. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

  15. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    Messina 1941 76-40 AA battery- VI Milmart Legion

    Randazzo aug 12 1943
  16. Oldman

    Oldman Very Senior Member

    Great to see you enjoyed the returm visit, it seamed odd to me to find the
    chariot in the middle of the park especially as the park gardens were set up by an english woman.
    Unlike you we flew into Catania Airport the first thing we noticed on the drive out to
    Taromina was the CWGc cemetery a beatuiful setting in the evening sun.

  17. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    Messina: Siebel Ferrie

    Primosole Bridge, monument
  18. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    Vizzini jul 13 1943, my grandfather ( second on the left), Captain of "Napoli" inf Divsion , prisoner whit the general commander Gotti Porcinari (first on the right) and other officers
  19. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    Siracuse Commonwealth Cimitery
  20. Lehrgang

    Lehrgang Junior Member

    78^Inf Div Battleaxe

    Mj. Gen. Vivian Evelegh

    11th Infantry Brigade , 36th Infantry Brigade, 38th Infantry Brigade, 17th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 132nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 138th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, 64th Anti-Tank Regiment, 142nd Field Regiment, RA 49th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery1st Battalion, Kensington Regiment (Princess Louise's)

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