Return to Sicily after 66 years

Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts' started by Ron Goldstein, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Ron found this on Britsh pathe, footage from Op Husky, you may well be in there somewhere
    No joy to date :(

    but thanks ! :)

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    if you want help for Sicily...ask!
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    Great pictures , Ron!
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    btw we will be in Sicily July. I am going to shoot some video for the Documentary I am doing ( personal private project)
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    Bumping this thread simply because I have just came across another jpg file that I took during the same holiday.

    During our trip we used to "sight-see" during the morning, rest up in the heat of the afternoon and spend the evening in Taormina's main street after the evening meal.

    I used a lot of my leisure time to catch up with Carlo D'Este's "Battle for Sicily" and it was never far from my side during my whole trip, hence the photo.


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    D'Este has a bad name among some people and I've taken issue with him as well, but he is a good writer and I like his Sicily book.
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    Ron found this on Britsh pathe, footage from Op Husky, you may well be in there somewhere ;)



    British Pathe - THE INVASION OF SICILY

    British Pathe - (ALLIED TROOPS IN SICILY 1943)

    British Pathe - ON TO ITALY

    Don't know how I managed to miss this thread.
    Thank you Richard for posting links to the videos, some lovely pictures on there.

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    The best shot is Monty adressing the troops from his Jeep.

    And I was there at one of these appearances.

    Trust me !

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    Many of the glider borne troops that were part of the vanguard to invade Sicily never made it to land. Many lives were lost. It could have been worse. Those who did make it to land played an important part in the ultimately successful invasion.

    Pte Richard ('Dick') Haley, 3598957, 1st Bn Border Regiment from Frizington, Cumberland was awarded the George Medal for gallantry during the invasion of Sicily. His glider, No 75, was one of those that came down in the sea. Due to Pte. Haley's actions several lives were saved (gazetted 16 November 1943).

    In September 1944 Mr Haley also took part in Operation Market Garden. During this action, he was wounded in the head and knee and taken to hospital. He spent the rest of the war as a POW.

    Mr Haley passed away at the age of 89 in October 2010. His obituary appeared in the local newspaper covering his area ('The Whitehaven News'):

    Whitehaven News | News | A fine hero who saved many lives

    Is it any wonder many wartime veterans very rarely speak of their wartime experiences?
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    Great thread 'thanks for sharing..
    I noticed an italian camo poncho on the back of a jeep" Scilla sep 3", nice to see more use of this camo by the allies.

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    Thank you Ron, for pointing me to this thread, Excellent!
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    My uncle was 90 last Monday. He landed in Sicily with the 11th Brigade of 78th Division; CO's signaller for 2/LF. He was badly wounded on the Italian mainland in November 1943 (I have mentioned him in another thread). He wanted little to do with veterans organisations until his wife died in the 1980s - and then joined a lot. He has been to Arnhem and Normandy a lot - but offers from me to take him to Tunisia, Sicily, Italy; all rebuffed. So thank you all for the photographs. I've read, studied but the photos of the ground really count.
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    just more picts from Sicilia.

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    Just been having a look at this old thread and see that a lot of members photos seem to be missing.
    It may well be that over a perod of time they would no longer be available or it may be they have not survived the recent move to another platform, your'e guess is as good as mine .

    I was relived to see that postings I made on an Italian wbsite, namely ATrisete, have all survived. forum A Trieste ... :: View topic - A British soldier returns to Sicily after 66 years


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