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    Hi All,

    My Grandfather Walter Bollands was in the Royal Artillery in WW2,
    I have his service record,which included his WW1 service record,
    Re WW2 I have a couple of photos which i originally through were taken in India or Malta,
    but i am not sure now, could someone take a look and see if the agree. To ID Walter he was a Bombardier Royal Artillery Rank or Corporal see both pictures. he is on the right bottom first photo, second photo bottom left.

    see attached,

    His medals

    MEDALS 1939 - 45 STAR,

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  2. Lotus7

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Paul good luck with your research. I'm sure someone will know there are many experts on here.
    If I had to guess I would say India. Would you mind posting his records on here so as to give us a clue.

  3. Red Goblin

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    From the remarkably-'snotty' background brickwork mainly approximating to English bond and the rarity of clay buildings in Malta, I'm inclined to agree with David on British India. And the first photo's brickwork further intrigues me (visible brick ends suggesting a conventional 9" wall) by apparently needing an external buttress half-way between the two windows - possibly with the side of yet another part-seen on the extreme RHS - as probably diagnostic.

    Finally, simply going by chin shapes, I'm at a loss to identify any one 'Bomb.' as being in both photos. But if definitely in both, was Walter perhaps rather the L/Bdr stood behind the squatting Bdr in the first one and the squatting Bdr in the second ?

    Both these theories could, of course, be better tested against his service record timeline ...

  4. Lotus7

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    Looking at there helmets and day dress I would say they where in India


    Hope this helps

  5. 4jonboy

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    Thanks for the reply David, Steve and Lesley. ill add the service record, and yes that mine on Wartime Memories Project.

  7. paulbol

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    The info came from my farther ref the country Walter was in India, Malta and USA, but we were not a 100 % sure.
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    I found a Royal Artillery attestation for your Grandfather after searching by his service number 1482498. On the attestation he is named as Wallis Bollands, a clerical error?

    As a Gunner on merchant ships he may well have travelled in convoys bound for the United States. On the Wartime memory projects it mentions being listed as missing at sea on the 4th February 1942.

    One British merchant ship is listed as sunk on the 4th February 1942, the MV Silveray. It was torpedoed by U751 off the coast of Nova Scotia. 8 men were killed but 41 survived. The survivors were rescued by the United States Coast Guard and a Canadian fishing vessel. The crew list is incomplete but it would be interesting to research if Walter had any connection with this ship?


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  9. paulbol

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    Thanks Guy,

    Its him, yes its a clerical error, his army number is definatley Army No 1482498, its doesn't look like its that ship,

    my dad said the ship was bombed, he was missing for 3 days then rescued and taken to singapore..

    I will find his service record and post shortly. this was taken from his service record

    4 Feb 1942 Reported Missing at Sea he was one of the Bofors gunners.

    In WW1 aged 17 he was part of the 150 MGC, he must of liked machine guns.


  10. paulbol

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    Here is my last photo of Walter Bollands in the Royal Artillery WW2 he is bottom right,

    just in case any one can see a family member. looks to be taken in England.

    Sorry Steve, ref first two photos, he is on the right bottom first photo, second photo bottom left.



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