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    Having just completed researching my father in law during WW 2 in Light Anti Aircraft Regiments, I have discovered photos that might be of interest to others. Namely, a big line up of all the officers and instructors at OCTU Shrivenham on the occasion of a visit by Queen Mary on 23rd June 1941. (There is also a newsreel clip on YouTube of this visit). I have uploaded one whole photo but I have three sections, left, middle and right to give more detail if you get in touch with me.
    Secondly, photos of the 66th Light AA Regiment possibly taken at Easthampstead Camp in Dec 1942. The CO is Peter Grandage seated in the centre, and my father in law, Jack Howard-Drake, is on his left as his Adjutant.
    Hope these may be of some interest to others.

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    Hi Tom

    These are great pics. Have you been able to identify any others?

    I have read about the torrid time 66th LAA Regt had in Greece during the troubles defending Piraeus and Phaleron (GRANFORCE) and whilst operating in the General Transport Role.

    Truck drivers of the RASC and units like 66th LAA paid a heavy toll trying to keep the fighting troops adequately supplied with food and ammunition.

    Are you planning to publish your research or is it just for the family?

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    Just about to get a booklet printed and would be happy to send you a copy if you wish and could let me have your address. I have also got copies of the 66 LAA Regt War Diary for their time in Greece, if you want me to consult them for you. As far as I can see this Transport Regt was loaded with expectations of peace keeping as well as distributing good and supplies not just to Allied troops but mostly to the Greek population who were starving. Some new combined units were set up and one took the name Granforce after the CO for the 66th LAA, Peter Grandage.
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    Hi Tom

    That would be great, I will PM you with my email and home address. There's no rush.

    I have the war diaries from October 44 to Jan 45.


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