Royal wiltshire Yeomanry 1942-45 - help request.

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    I am trying to research a 5577399 Trooper Lawrence Frederick Norman who served in 3rd Hussars and Royal Wilts Yeomanry. the information I have is:
    Joined 3rd Hussars 19.05.42
    Posted to RWY 24.12.42
    Listed as X(II) ME 11.08.43 - wounded or sick?
    Back to RWY 25.08.43
    Posted to CDL School 05.01.46 - any ideas on CDL?

    Does anybody have a copy of the war diary or any information on their service? I would be interested to know which actions he was involved in (if any).
    Any help or guidance appreiacted,
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    Ravrick -
    after that long dissertation on the CDL and it use - at the Coriano Ridge especially when the Germans could not reach the searchlights which were way behind some ridges to shoot them out...I should point out that RWY were in 9th Armoured Bde of 1st Armoured Div and he obviously joined as a reinforcement after El Alamein- marched with them until the famous left hook around the Mareth Line to El hamma - and a minor role in the last battle to end the campaign at Tunis and Cap Bon.

    They took no further place in any fighting and so his X(ii) would be sick list as they were still in Tunisia until called forward to Northern Italy for the Gothic line in aug/Sep 1944 - however 9th Armoured were called forward a bit earlier and took part in the battles around Lago Trasemino with XIII corps with one regiment going forward with the Polish divison to take Ancona on the Adriatic side of Italy before rejoining 1st armoured which was then broken up after the Gothic Line- Oct '44.
    Hope this fills a few gaps
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    Guys, very many thanks for the quick replies, I am assuming that as he was in theatre with the 3rd Hussars from 19th may 1942 he may well have been survivor of the El Alamein battles which decimated the 3rd Hussars and who were later distributed around the briagde as reinforcements. Scope for more research....
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    I missed this thread as was on holiday back in August.
    I have the Royal Wilts history on my bookshelf if you need anything looking up.

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