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    When war broke out in 1930, Brickendonbury Manor, a country estate outside Hertford, UK, was requisitioned by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)'s D Section who used it to train Norwegians, Belgians and Spaniards to be infiltrated behind enemy lines on intelligence/sabotage missions.

    It was the brainchild of Guy Burgess, an SIS officer (and Soviet agent) who jokingly wanted to call it 'Guy Fawkes School'. Its syllabus was created by Kim Philby, another SIS officer (and Soviet agent).

    When the Special Operations Executive was formed in 1940, they took over the house and the estate and used it for industrial sabotage training.
    Over 1,200 men (and some women) graduated from what was called 'D School' (the D was for Destruction).

    Churchill's School for Saboteurs: Brickendonbury (STS17) will be published in September by Amberley Publishing. However, they were not interested in my accounts of sabotage in Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France so I've published them using

    Not very good at advertising or marketting, I thought I'd use this forum to let people know about their existence.

    Sabotage in Norway

    Sabotage in Denmark

    Sabotage in Holland

    Sabotage in Belgium awaits more illustrations and Sabotage in France is still being worked on.

    Any additions/deletions (and typos) welcomed as they've not been 'peer reviewed'....

    Potentially, other titles on ops in other countries could be done. I'm open to suggestions/encouragement.
    Best wishes,

    Bernard O'Connor
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    good day Bernard o'conor,yesterday, training and practice.some intelligence service,being run by traitors,guy burgess ,sis officer .(soviet agent) and kim plilby.another sis officer(and Russian agent).it was more like a branch of the Russian k.g.b. an interesting post,regards bernard85

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