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    I stumbled upon this forum when looking through photo albums that belonged to my parents/grandparents and needed information on a Maj Alan Nicoll which your members have already very kindly provided.

    I was then wondering if members would like me to post pictures of servicemen that are in the albums. Fortunately most of the pictures have the names of the individuals written on the back - these would have been taken in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Burma.

    My father was in the RA and I believe went into Normandy on D Day +10. He never once spoke of the war and understood from my mother that he didn't want to be reminded of the horrors.

    My mother was engaged to Alan Nicoll who was in the 1/15th Punjab Regiment and was killed in Mandalay, Burma in 1945. After the war ended in the Far East my mother joined Toc H (international charity) and headed off to Burma (circa 1947) to join the 12th Army which was located on the shores Meiktila Lake, Burma.

    Regards, Andrew
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I see you've already posted on a few threads.
    Feel free to post your photos, may I suggest starting an album in the Gallery.
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    Must admit I posted that before I had a good look around and have just found the gallery section - as they say when everything else fails read the instructions!

    Many thanks.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Andrew

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    Dear Andrew, I am researching for Newton Abbot Museum, all the names on the memorial relating to the WW2. Major Alan Nicholl is among them and also his brother. I was so delighted when I came across all your information and photographs and wondered if I could use the material for the project. It is such a sad story. I spent three years indexing all the correspondence from the N.A. Town Council and just felt I wanted to find as much information as I could for future generations. Thank You so much , Kind Regards, Sheila
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    hello Sheila and welcome
    Andrew was last on the forum in May this year

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    Hi Sheila. I just logged in today and have seen your message from 2018. Sorry about the delayed response, if I can still be of help, please message me. Kind regards, Andrew
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