Scotland Hostels - Kilmartin and Kinlochleven

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  1. Martin Richards

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    I have just completed another trip to Scotland seeking out and photographing PoW Site on the South West and Central Areas.
    During my trip I visited two locations or should i say I tried to visit sites listed at Kilmartin and Kinlochleven.

    The supposed Killmartin site is a few 100ms away from the road and has no visible means of vehicle access as such it cannot be identified / located correctly as stated on the site

    The Kinlochleven identified by Secret Scotland site if it is correct; well to access these days and deliver and construct buildings etc... well I would recommend a helicopter !

    I would be greatful if any one has any information on these two hostels
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  3. Martin Richards

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    Hi and Thanks
    Entry 16 sounds very very much like the site of the camp.
    The site from Secret Scotland location was at the top of the Hydo Electric pipes and across the valley.
    I took my car up the military road it being a small SUV and then used my drone to explore the place.
    As such i believe i have not captured the site, but it was not a wasted trip as such as it was a great drive and a chance to fly the drone over some fantastic country site

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