Setting Up An Ambush

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by KevinT, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. KevinT

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    The Universal Carrier is one of the old Tamiya kits with Riich Models replacement tracks. Stowage is a mix from Bronco,Tamiya, MiniArt, Riich Models and some resin castings.
    The 6 pdr is from Riich Models with the crew being a mix of Broco 17 pdr crew, Dragon, along with Riich Universal Carrier crew, 6 pdr crew NWE and 3" Mortar Team NWE plus a couple of cast figures.
    The base is from MiniArt.



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  2. chrisgrove

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    My goodness, that farmyard has earned its keep! Even if the gate frames are the wrong way round.
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  3. KevinT

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    Hi Chris,

    Yes it has paid for it's self, i just use it as a base to take photos. MiniArt do some nice stuff, this one is versatile and can be used for guns, figures and various vehicles. I wish that they would do some longer pieces as I have a couple of transporters or that their destroyed buildings were square to the roads rather than angled.
    And yes I forgot to swap the gates around.


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  4. Rabid Grandpa

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    Congrats ! Very well build. "Almost" perfect. But better take out some bricks from the wall. The gunner will only see the wall through his sight :) Exept there isn't a parking lot for german tanks on the other side of the wall, the chance to score a hit, would be ... let's say very slight. And AT guns crews usually like some horizontal clearing for the barrell as well. So they can move it to the loeft or roght, if nescessary. And if your guin crew is seasond, add a bucket of water. A cloud of dust, after an AT gun fired, is what tankers only wait for. Or you just name your really nice diorama : A gun crew is about to see their first - and maybe - last action.
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