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    Hello all

    I'm looking for anything - photos, anecdotes - about the former SIS HQ. Anything from 1945 up to the mid-1960's ideally.

    Was it at Broadway before it moved to Century House? If so which part of broadway and when was the move.

    Any assistance or guidance as ever would be appreciated.

    Best regards

    Old Bill
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  3. old bill

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    Ahhhh...thats fantastic. Many thanks PWO - I'll have a read through

    Can I just ask: my geography is a bit spotty...I was down in London/Westminster a couple of weeks ago. Is Broadway at the back of New Scotland Yard or have I got it mixed up with somewhere else? Pretty sure I must have passed it!

  4. PsyWar.Org

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  5. PsyWar.Org

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  6. old bill

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    Thanks for the Map/link...

    Ahh no I was bloomin miles away from it. Not where I thought it was at all???

    Next time I'm down there I add it in to the itinerary.

    Thanks again

    Old Bill

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