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    Name Nathan Leibowitz
    Serial Number 32248777
    Grade (alpha) Private First Class
    Service Code Army
    Arm or Service Infantry
    First Report Date day: 20 | month: 12 | year: 1944
    Last Report Date day: 04 | month: 06 | year: 1945
    Racial Group
    State Residence
    Organization Type Branch Immaterial Infantry Division Band Dental Co
    Parent Unit Number 0110
    Parent Unit Type Group Regiment Commands System
    Area European Theatre Germany
    Source of Report Official Sources
    Status Liberated Or Repatriated
    Detaining Power Germany
    Camp Stalag 4b Muhlberg Sachsen 51 13
    If you were wondering what unit he was with when captured, according to the above it is the 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division (highlighted above).
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    I now have a copy of "Shadows of Slaughterhouse Five".

    Erd, you really need to get this book as it will put your research in some kind of order. All the questions you have posted here and elsewhere are answered.

    From the book's index list of POWs here are the dates of death of some of the men on your list. I have added correct spellings of names where it was indicated:

    Walter Brauer (120 w. 97 st NYC New York)
    Russel Fraugella (405 Desplaines,Joliet, Illinois )
    Stanley Ksrazek or Krazek (chicago,Illinois )
    Martin Greengold (1820 Phelow Place, bronx,ny)
    Hyman Feldman (497 Chalkstone ave, providence, RI)
    George Metcalfe (531 Norwood st, Orange, NJ)
    Leonard Spear (221 Hood ave, Syracuse, NY)
    Alfred Friechill or Frichill (113 east 177 st, bronx, ny)
    Humphreye (65 upper park ave, nyc, ny) Eldred Humphries 10-12-2007
    Lee Bow Gar c/o Jon Cafetorire ( 964 Sixth ave, nyc,ny)
    Norwood Frye (39 clinton st, Glastonbury, Conn) 05-16-2008
    Charles (chas) M. Biscoe (448 west Ogden st, Girardville,pa) 11-28-1999
    Wayman E. troxel (Route #1, Romney, ??) 10-02-2007
    Same Baglio (1523 Eight st, alexandria La)
    Pete Lennogonis(Sp?) Pete Lemonis 02-09-2008
    Max Diller ( 2103 M Street, Belleville, Kansas) 02-17-2007
    Nat Bloom ( 7th street, brooklyn, Ny)
    James Heavner ( 410 No. Main St, Elmira, NY) 04-23-2001
    Dever d. Mitchell (Road #2, Volga, West virginia)
    Judson Davenport (Route #1 Sparta, NJ)
    John R. Hayes ( Glendale,ca)
    Carlo Uciferro ( 153 simmonsville ave, Johnston, RI)
    Andrew J. Voorhis ( Pontiac, MI) Andrew J. Voorhies 04-05-1984
    Clifford Arnold ( 25 Field Street, Reidsville, NC) 08-01-1968
    Robert H. Wood Jr. ( 600 3rd st,west fairview, PA ) 10-30-1990
    Donald Goetz ( Panama, Iowa) 11-01-1988
    Clair Kimpel (Hicksville, OHio) Clair E. Kimbel 04-05-1995
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr ( Willams Creek, INdianapolis,IN) 04-11-2007
    Dick Coyle ( 594 Kossuth Street, Columbus,OH) 06-22-1999
    John Freed ( 2416 E. valley st, seattle, wa)
    willis belanger ( 415 State st, Fulton, NY) 05-30-1987
    Charles (Chas) Larsen (Cambridge) Charles W. Larson Jr 06-05-1974
    Carl Niklas (1512 W. Moore St, Henryetta, Oklahoma) 10-11-1991
    Thomas R. Haydock (Yonkers, NY) Thomas Hayduk 08-28-1974
    Sam Giles ( Bradford, PA) Samuel W. Giles 05-22-1997
    Raymond T. Makoski (Baltimore, MD) 06-10-2003
    James M. Donnini ( 525 Scott ave, Jeannette,pa)
    James Mullins (east Newark, NJ) James F. Mullin 09-28-1985
    Chet Kobylas ( 11673 Moran st, Hamtramck, Mich)
    Ellsworth E. Brown ( 434 Monson St, East Peoria, Ill) 11-12-1990
    Jesse Me Benevidez ( Cinciniati, OH) 05-09-1945
    Albert Hroch ( 1154 w. 18 st, Chicago, IL) Albert Hrock 02-19-2002
    Joe Valdez (box # 157, Lumberton, NM) 01-29-2004
    Louis V. Curto ( 104 -12 95 ave, ozone park, NY) 04-20-1985
    Leonard Dake ( Pine River, wisconsin)
    Sol Epstein ( 25 Hobson st, Newark, NJ)
    Izera Emerson (Bronx, NY) Ezna E. Emerson 09-07-1988

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    Someone was asking about Albert Hroch. He was my great Uncle. I lived with him until I was 25 years old. He was a blessing to my life, and someone I am very proud of...

    I didn't know much about his war time endeavors he kept them pretty private. I know there were things that haunted him and I did hear a few bits of historical information. I recall he thought Hogan's Heros was a joke of a television show and that he did like to watch a "real" war movie. He was very reminiscent about songs like "I'll be seeing you" and was a loving husband to my Aunt Francis. One thing he told me over and over was just how hungry he was when he returned from war. That he was offered a milkshake and he asked for a second. They told him it would make him sick.

    He was the best man I have ever known, and I don't think I would be who I am today if he wouldn't have been a part of my life.

    Angela Linger
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    My grandfather Clair Kimpel was on this list! And while he has been dead for 20 years he has shared many memories from his experience in the war and of his capture. And my grandmother has many important times from his service documented.
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    Hi Shanonkimpel,

    Thank you for taking the trouble to post on this thread. As you might have noticed, the main contributor, erdocsgg has not visited the forum for over two years now. Let's hope that they will pop back in one day and see yours and Angela's new posts.

    Perhaps it might be an idea to send them a pm via the forum. It seems a shame for them to miss your input.

    Best wishes

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    Leonard G. Dake of Pine River is my grandfather. He passed away August 29, 2011.
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    Hi Bethie, I've found some enlistment details in the findmypast archives. Do you want me to post or do you already have these details?
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    Carl Niklas POW was my uncle, was watching a show about the war and got to thinking about my uncle and his diary he wrote while in POW camp. Found this page. Interesting page

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