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    Newbie to the site looking for any details on Lt. Reginald Howse RA. 304947 commissioned on 22nd Jan 1944

    Recently deceased wifes Grandfather. We are waiting to get his records but in the meantime, any directions to where he may have been other than in Nth Germany during 1946 would be gratefully accepted.

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    Hi and welcome from across the ditch!
    interesting award but according to here the unit was disbanded in 44 - RA 1939-45 2 LAA
    Here he is in London Gazette - Page 989 | Supplement 36398, 25 February 1944 | London Gazette | The Gazette - you may find more if you search using different criteria, the site is a bit finicky!
    His service number indicates when he joined up he was with - Royal Horse Guards 304001 - 309000
    Service records will give you the full story, then you can get someone to access the appropriate war diaries- eg-
    Search results: 2 AND light AND anti AND aircraft AND regiment | The National Archives - some diaries in this lot, so you need to know what years he was with them.
    Yes there were lots of LAA!!
    My Dad was in the 14th.

  3. Owen

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    304947 is his Officer's number .
    It has nothing to do with an Other Ranks number in the Horse Guards

    His original number is listed there as 1105949
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    According to Frederick's lineage book, the RHQ for 2nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA was resuscitated on February 4, 1946 with 1st LAA Battery from 15th Light AA Regiment, RA, 6th Light AA Battery from 27th Light AA Regiment, RA and 5th Light AA Battery, RA. It was then disbanded on December 31, 1946 with personnel to 8th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery. 1st Battery went into suspended animation and 5th Battery was disbanded.

    Therefore it was probably in Wilhelmshaven, Germany post-war. As to your man's service during the war, it would be best, as noted, to obtain his service records.
  6. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    My Dad's Regiment was posted to Wilhelmshaven in June 1945 until it was disbanded on March 1946. They were under command of 2
    Canadian Infantry Division and 31 AA Brigade. There were 3 HAA Regiments and 1 LAA Regiment who had control of the many thousand Kriegsmarine and civilians.

    See attached for more info and a map.


    P1050805 (Large).JPG

    Dad's battery was based at Mariensal dealing with mines and torpedo dumps. 2 Other Ranks were killed off the coast dumping these mines.

    P1050807 (Large).JPG

    336 Bty - Map Refs 18 June '45 (Large).jpg
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  7. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Thanks for this, can offer an address Norderstrasse, Albersdorf north-west of Itzehoe, Landkreis Süderdithmarschen for the journey to Wilhelmshaven and the many changes of LAA redesignations please go to my website HQ Royal Artillery 7th Armoured Division

    Best of luck with your research
  8. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Please ignore the History of the 21st Army Group....this was my first try many moons ago and very much out of date...please go to however still under construction
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    Oops, sorry, did not know there were officers numbers! I learnt something new.

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    Thanks ramacal, great info I’m still learning :)

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