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    I am searching for any information re the following : Lieutenant Jack Filby service no. 42988V Pilot 5th Squadron South African Air force Died 24thApril 1945. He was on "armed recce patrol", flying KH808 MkIVA (Hurricane). I know where he is buried and have his papers from the archives. I would like any information re him or who knows, a photograph. Many thanks
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    KH 808 was a Mustang IV


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    The following are two maps for your information, both showing the first target of the flight, a rail bridge, and the second target, a staffing target at which Lt Filby’s aircraft went down. The “straffing target” is not shown as “accurately” as the Records only give a 4 figure grid reference (which means the target was anywhere within the “grid box”......but the “rail bridge target” is very identifiable within the “grid box” given.

    First map is 1:250,000 scale, and shows Mestra (on the main land,near Venice) and Verona, which was their general flight path


    This second map, 1:50,000 is closer and you can see more detail of the Rail Bridge target, and then the Strafing target area, at which Mustang KH 808 went down

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