Special Air Service Regiment

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  1. ndnddckkd

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    Does anybody know where I could find the 1944 War Establishment for a Special Air Service Regiment.

  2. Tony Chadwick

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  3. Gary Kennedy

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    Not a particularly illuminating WE when you see it, as I'm reasonably sure they had more than 20 Jeeps in NWE. You can also add 60 Vickers GO machine guns to the weapons list (which excludes personal weapons).

  4. Tony Chadwick

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    Agree but I wonder if the jeeps and machine guns were kept in a pool to be issued as needed
  5. Gary Kennedy

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    Could be Tony, it just always struck me as being such a weirdly low number. I suppose 20 Jeeps and 60 GOs would allow for three per vehicle, but some idle image searching shows a lot armed with four such guns. Unless I'm completely misremembering, I think there was a 'tally' kept of the number of Jeeps para-dropped to the SAS in France in 1944?

    I also recall that by 1945 the Regiment was operating three Squadrons; I've no clue whether that was a tactical change or a contraction of unit strength?

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