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    Hey Steve,
    That's fantastic. I'd love to get my hands on all of that.
    Let me know
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    Chris, I've sent you a private message.

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    Hopefully all five files should be with you Chris.
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    Success, Huzzah!
    Thanks so much for the help!!
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    No problem Chris, I hope there is something of use for you in those. :)
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    Just glancing at them I can already say that they will be helpful,
    Thanks so much
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    Does anyone know who "S.O.", "CD.", or "AD/S" are? I found some correspondence in HS 5/148 Policy and planning of SOE activities 1940-44

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    These are referred to as Symbols and represent a staff position or agent code number within SOE. The important point to remember is that over the course of time several different individuals may have been assigned that symbol.

    SO is the Minister of Economic Warfare;
    CD is the Director of SOE; but also refers to SOE's board of Directors.
    I can't remember off the top of my head AD/S but is an Assistant Director level position. Will check my files...

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    Hey Lee,

    Thanks so much for the explanation, that's very helpful. Knowing what position they are referring to should let me track down the rest. I appreciate you looking into AD/S - let me know what you come up with. I really appreciate the help.

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    Does anyone know what ministry/section "Z" represented?
    I keep running into codenames like ZA, ZM, ZN, ZP.
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    Does anyone know where in TNA Kew one might find the GHQ middle East's records on directives and correspondence sent to SOE Cairo?
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    On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, for anyone who is interested, here is the list of codes I have accumulated so far. I would welcome any input on improving its accuracy. My thanks to those of you who have helped out by contributing to this list.

    SOE Designations
    12-land = Germany
    19-land = Denmark
    21-land = Finland
    22-land = England
    26-land = Norway
    31-land = Latvia
    36-land = Sweden
    38-land = [?]Poland or [?] Serbia
    43-land = Estonia
    46-land = Lithuania
    49-land = [?]Yugoslavia
    93-land = Scandinavia
    95-land = Russia

    A/D – [?] George Taylor
    AD/E = Director of SOE London Group/Head of SOE in NW Europe
    AD/H = Director of Mediterranean Operations
    AD/M = Musgrove
    A/D3 = Glenconner
    AH/31 = Mihailović
    AH/69 = Rapotec
    AL = Air Operations
    AL Air = Operations
    AMX = Massingham Mission
    AQ/F = FANY personnel
    AQ/H = HQ Admin
    AQ/O = Stationery
    AQ/S = Stores and Equipment

    B/B = Delhi Group

    CD = Director of SOE; but also refers to SOE's board of Directors.
    CD = Executive Director of SOE

    D = Head of Section D (one of SOE’s forerunners)
    D/A = Administration
    D/AF = Offices, furniture and telephones
    D/AG = Air Raid Precautions
    D/AT = Transport
    D/CA = Arms
    D/CAM.F = Special Supplies
    D/CE = Security
    D/D = Devices
    D/E = Wireless
    D/FIN = Finance
    D/H = Balkans and Middle East (Cairo Group)
    D/H 2 = Bailey
    D/H 19 = Atherton
    D/H 20 = J.S. Bennett
    D/H 94 = Capt. K.J. Elliott
    D/H 134 = Deakin
    D/H 178 = Maclean (also referred to as "Z" in some early messages)
    D/HV = Lt-Col. Pearson [SOE]
    D/HY = T.S. Masterson
    D/HZ = Hudson
    D/M = looks like C-in-C ME / Wilson
    D/N = Persian staff
    D/O = [?] This may be the Minister of State ME
    D/P = Russia
    D/PLANS = Future Planning
    D/PROPS = Land and Buildings
    D/Q = Press Propaganda
    D/R = French, Dutch and Belgian Sections
    D/S = Scandinavia
    D/SD = War Establishments
    D/T = Security
    D/YC = Codes, Cyphers and Telegrams
    D/Z = Shipping
    DSP = Special Propaganda Directorate, Middle East
    DSR = Director of Scientific Research
    DSS = Security Special Section
    DT = Liaison with SIS

    E = Director of Services
    E = Equipment & Supplies/Director of Services
    E/C = Codes
    EU/P = Poles abroad, Minorities
    F = France

    G-60,000 = President Roosevelt
    G-50,000 = Donovan OSS
    G-50,100 = Sherwood
    G-40,000 = OSS
    A of G-40,000 = Maj. Farish, OSS
    G-710 = British JSM?

    H = Spain and Portugal (Iberia)
    J = Italy, Malta and Switzerland
    K = Special Liaison and Far East
    L = Planning and Intelligence

    MG = General Staff (London Group)
    MP = Poland
    MS = Communications
    MT = Training
    MTH = Hungary
    MY = Czechoslovakia

    N = Netherlands

    O = Far East
    OSA = Official Secrets Act

    PTC = ‘Put through the cards’, Used in SOE personal files indicating when the subject was negatively vetted, i.e. when a check was carried out of the MI5 card index to see if anything was recorded against the person.

    Q = North Africa
    RF = Allied French
    S = Scandinavia

    SO = Minister of Economic Warfare (Ministerial head of SOE)
    STS = Special Training School

    T = Belgium

    U = USA and South America [?]
    UKCC = United Kingdom Commercial Corporation

    V/CD = Brig. Stawell

    W = East and West Africa
    Wix = Brig. Armstrong

    X = Germany and Austria

    YM = Military Attaché
    YP = Embassy / Ambo

    Z[?] = [?] seems to refer to the FO
    ZC = UKCC Headquarters
    ZE = Ministry of Economic Warfare (MEW) Headquarters
    ZNO = Zone non-occupée (Vichy France)
    ZO = Zone occupée (Occupied France)
    ZP = FO / [?Eden]

    When someone from SOE says “Dear Top” it appears to be Selborne that they are writing to

    Massingham – SOE Station Algiers (est. Late 42) forward stations in Brindisi and Naples

    D/H 245 ? our agent and recruited in ME – Somehting to do with Atherton and HENNA /HYDRA
    DADDY – MVIC Cmndr, Split area

    DH 366 – whoever met Churchill with Deakin in Cairo (?Kebel) – whoever it is they had a private meeting with Churchill on Yugoslavia on or about 27 January 1943 (presumably in Cairo and handed over a memorandum to Churchill on Yugoslavia)

    As a Bonus
    FO files list Regent Prince Paul of Yugoslavia as “F” or "Our Friend"
    FO Files: Moley = O. Sargent
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    I’ve just discovered this thread. I am looking for Captain Julian Henry Hall, 100107, Intelligence Corp, he probably joined SOE in Switzerland and has been cited by David Stafford in his “Mission Accomplished” book. May I ask if his name is on the list, please, or if you have further news on him?
    For the sake of order and reference, there is a thread under his name in this forum.
    Thank you indeed in advance,
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    On a quick look through this thread I noted Jedburgh, the opening poster has not been aboard since February 2020 and Chris Murray, who added a number of posts previously has not been aboard since December 2020. Might be best to send a PM via the option 'Start a conversation' by clicking on their name.

    This does not preclude others trying to help.
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    Jed was on this year in Feb and Chris is on now
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    Hey there,
    Yes still here/active - I thought I was the only one. I'm working on a reply to the above.
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    I have a list I grabbed from Eliah Meyer on Academia.edu
    Eliah Meyer - Academia.edu
    This has a ton of SOE staff (Broken down alphabetically) I am not sure if it represents a complete catalogue or not. I did not find a listing for Julian Henry Hall however this could point you to what folder(s) in the National Archives his file might be in, provided he has one. I am not sure if this represents all staff or just operatives etc. I just find it is a useful starting point.

    You might also try going to the source and emailing David - I am not sure if he is still active or will reply but he is listed on the University of Edinburgh
    Search results | The University of Edinburgh
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