SS Empire Lancer and Maxime Jollivet

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    Hi Guys,
    Still researching our War Memorial names and have got a bit stuck with (Marie Joseph Isidore) Maxime Jollivet, born in Mauritius in 1889, made 2nd mate (foreign going ships) in 1915, 1st mate in 1918 and Master in 1920. So I am assuming he saw action in WW1 as well as WW2 when he went down with the SS Empire Lancer after it was torpedoed by U-862. He married a local girl, Winifred Ruth Shields in 1925 and I've been wondering where he was that they managed to meet? Where did his service take him/ (I can't find anything other than his WW2 service on the Lancer), how does someone from Mauritius end up on the British Merchant Navy? What other ships he might have been on? Was it unusual to go from 2nd mate to Master in 5 years? (Or was it necessities of war?). I;ve got a big gap between birth and marriage and then again until he was torpedoed. I;d love to find out more details to tell more of his story.
    Thanks for any help, info or signposts you can give!
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    Hello Lindsay,
    I may be able to help you with some of those gaps - leave it with me.
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    Not at all unusual during the war as that was a typical. He was a career seaman from 1907 so well experienced.
    Some highlighted below but for WW2 see note on CRS 10 - you may also need Crew Agreements and Lloyds Captains Register.

    You can download free his WW1 and WW2 medal cards from Kew - all you do is sign in.
    His WW1 medal file is held at Kew in piece BT 351/1/71874
    His WW2 medal file is held at Kew in piece BT 395/1/50142
    His CRS 10 service record beginning January 1941 should be held at Kew in piece BT 382/894 - note, this file is held in surname block order and as such will need to be obtained by visit to Kew or via a researcher. The file should give full service from Jan, 1941 until his death in 1944. Previous service from Jan 1941 may have to be via Crew Agreements and/or Lloyd's Captain's Register.

    The following information is not a complete list of his service but if you wish to send me your email by private message I will give you everything I have including an early photo of him as a young officer.

    Maxime Jollivet b. 4.4.1889, Port Louis, Mauritius. Discharge Number 637106. Master’s Certificate of Competency 043315. He first went to sea in 1907 and served in 13 ships prior to WW1 and joining KARMALA in 1914.

    135590 – KARMALA – 20.6.1914 – 8.3.1915
    114681 – PELICAN – 1.6.1915 – 25.8.1915

    2nd Mate - 8.10.1915

    125782 – KINGSGATE – 26.10.1915 – 22.4.1916
    125782 – SCOTTIER – 28.4.1916 – 21.8.1916
    125782 – SCOTTIER – 2.9.1916 – 20.6.1918
    141887 – GLENAPP – 6.9.1918 – 11.11.1918

    Mate – 23.8.1918

    141887 – GLENAPP - 28.11.1918 – 10.2.1919
    141887 – GLENAPP – 28.3.1919 – 25.8.1919
    141887 – GLENAPP – 11.10.1919 – 23.2.1920

    Master – 14.6.1920

    136349 – PEMBROKESHIRE – 7.1920
    144217 – GLENOGLE – 1.1921
    139052 – GLENIFFER – 5.8.1930

    Maxime Jollivet was master of PHEMIUS and sailed on 24.7.1941 from Birkenhead arriving in Honolulu 12 January 1942. I have him aboard EMPIRE LANCER on 2 July 1943.

    To see his full WW2 service, you need his CRS10 [BT 282/894] from Kew. The ship was sunk on 16 August 1944 and he was one of those who did not survive.

    Empire Lancer (British Steam merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -

    Crewlist from Empire Lancer (British steam merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -

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    I am astonished at how you managed this! This forum never ceases to amaze me! Thank you so much - will message you!
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    Master in Alfred Holt's no less, must have been quite a man. He would have had to take British Nationality before he became Mate.
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