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    Families of Servicemen killed post WW2 have been fund raising to have the names of those servicemen killed/died since WW2 permanently remembered on a Granite Wall surrounding the existing War Memorial although not `officially` unveiled until November 11th the local paper reported it had been completed ahead of schedule .Full Story here;-

    An excellent venture .....however as some of the postings/comments below reveal sadly lacking in detail with what seems like only the most recent casualties logged are our memories so short? The local paper must have reported `every` Sunderland casualty since 1946 were their achives consulted? Like I said excellent venture but.............

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    Taken today;-

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    The panels;-

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    Final Panels Wall complete!

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    Other Sunderland/Washington men who may/should eventually be inscribed on this new memorial could include ;-

    :poppy:24214250 Gnr Brian Robertson :poppy:
    Royal Artillery Northern Ireland Killed in a landmine attack on 02/06/1972 at Rosslea Fermanagh buried Southwick Cemetery,Sunderland.Age 22

    :poppy:24121465 Corporal Thomas P Taylor :poppy:
    The Light Infantry,Northern Ireland Killed in Action 13th May 1973 Died from injuries received from a booby trap device hidden in the Maguire and Patterson Match Factory on the Donegall Road whilst answering an anonymous phone call reporting a gunman Age 26

    :poppy:Act/ Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic Stephen.J.White:poppy:
    Falklands Royal Navy (HMS Ardent Killed in Action 21st May 1982 ) from Washington TyneWear

    :poppy: 25061598 Lance Corporal David Joseph Mitchinson,:poppy:
    The Life Guards,Suddenly 3rd May 2005 Aged 29 years.Household Cavalry serving in Canada at the time of his death.David lived in Concord Washington Tyne Wear with his mother Mary.

    :poppy:25101305 Private Gavin Maddison Potts,:poppy:
    The Parachute Regiment born 3.9.1977 died 14 October 2001 Age 24

    :poppy:Private Christopher John France:poppy:
    The Parachute Regiment tragically killed on exercise
    6th April 2000 aged 18 years

    :poppy:Warrant Officer James Bradwell :poppy:
    Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers(Aged 43) died of injuries received during the Irish Republic Army (IRA) bombing of the British Army Barracks on Monday 7 October 1996.Listed as Gateshead but Family lived in Sunderland

    :poppy:Captain Robert Nairac G.C.:poppy:
    Grenadier Guards Northern Ireland 15th May 1977
    Born Sunderland.

    :poppy: 610423 Corporal Robert William Dalzell,:poppy:
    Royal Air Force,1st April 1948 Age 29 Buried Sunderland (Bishopwearmouth) Cemetery
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    Took a trip into Sunderland to see this `wall` . It has progressed and now has a `veterans walk` to the rear . Each stone in the walkway has the veterans name,unit,badge,service number . The `veterans` did not have to have died in service being a serviceman meets the criteria. The serviceman or his family can commision a stone to be placed in the walkway costing £249 .

    Welcome to The National Veterans' Walk - National Veterans' Walk

    As it grows it will get better , there is unfortunately a noticible error in these stones..they all have `Queens Crowns` (on those badges who feature them ) Example WW2 Parachute Regiment and Falklands have the same crest, WW1 and WW2 DLI have the same as those from Borneo 1962. Wonder if anyone has actually pointed this out ?


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