Swedish Anti-Aircraft Fire WW2

Discussion in 'Scandinavia and Finland' started by Puttenham, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Puttenham

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    Anyone have info. concerning Swedish AA gunners firing on foreign military aircraft, in order to protect Sweden's sovereignty ?


  2. canuck

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    Nothing specific but I recall many Bomber crews reporting having been fired on by Swedish batteries if they strayed too close to the border. Almost every one made mention that the fire was inaccurate and seemed to be more of a deterrent and a display of sovereignty.
  3. Bernard85

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    good day canuck,m,today,01:00.am.re:swedish anti-aircraft fire ww2,i agree with you,being a display of sovereignty.they wanted to stay confortable selling ball bearings to both sides.among other usefull steel for armaments.regards bernard85 :indexCA7C9VES:

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