T177159 Dvr Joseph Newby Allen - PoW (Italy) - Awarded MM

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    Morning All,

    Thought, I would upload this citation for the award of a Military Medal to Dvr Joseph Newby Allen for his E&E attempt. The other soldier was also recommended for the MM too.



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    Here he is recorded as being held at Camp 53 in August 1943:

    AN copy 2.jpg
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  3. Bruneval

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    Thanks Bamboo,

    A face to the name too!

    Taken from The Liverpool Echo, Friday 4th September 1942.



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    One or two observations:

    1. The camp in Novara was PG 133. The 9 in the number refers to the sub camp. The correct reference would be PG 133/9.
    Men were sent from PG 53 to Novara AND OTHER WORK CAMPS in the summer of 43
    . There's a recent testimony on this forum of someone else who went there from 53 and worked in a stone quarry but I can't remember who it was!

    I think it is time that WO 392 /21 had a severe warning notice put on it. It has mislead so many people into thinking that the camp shown is where the men were in August '43 and at the time of the armistice.

    2. An error. The citation says that 'from 1 November 43 to aug 43. It should be Aug 44.

    They didn't go to Agnelli. they went to Lago Agnel. The previous group who perished were those involved in the GALISIA DISASTER. See Varasc's posts on this forum.

    Edited: to say that the other person I know of who was sent from Macerata to a stone quarry in Novara was 2061389 Doug. Fothergill. this info. came via a private message.

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  5. Bruneval

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    Thanks for the additional detail. Really useful.


  6. Brenda Kelly

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    Please can you tell me if Dvr Allen may have been the brother of RAF WO Harold E Allen of Birkenhead? As I am trying to trace the Allen family. Thank you Brenda K ex RAF

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