Tank photo - North Africa

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  1. ChrisR

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    Came across this. The two chaps are RAF Bomb Disposal. Other than that I have no info, but thought folk might like to take a look anyway.
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  2. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    It is (was?) a Matilda II, as are the tanks in the background. The dark paint on the side of the turret suggests the Caunter diagonal camouflage scheme, and the white/dark/white stripes (white/red/white) on the left side of the hull were used - as I understand it - only during Operation Crusader.

    It's been subjected to a tremendous amount of fire! It looks like three separate holes in the lower glacis, a broken lamp, and a very oddly shaped hole (?) in the side of the outer plate covering the suspension, and the broken left track.
  3. ChrisR

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  4. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    Thanks Chris, I will take a look at those when I can.
  5. Don Juan

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    I'm not a Matilda expert, but I believe that where that big hole is on the hull nose is actually a stowage compartment. The front of the Matilda hull was actually angled inwards, and two flush fitting stowage compartments were located on either side, thus giving a false impression of the shape of the front end. As such, I don't think that hole represents a big projectile going through thick armour, despite it appearing that way.
  6. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    Don Juan, of course you are right - I'd forgotten about that.
  7. SDP

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    Of more concern is what appears to be a hole lower left front centre. I hope the Driver made it out safely.

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