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    About 11 months ago I decided that I would look into my Grandad's experiences and supplement his short account with other letters and information, in order to turn it into a "mini-book" and give it to my mother as her Christmas present.

    When doing a Google search I came across this site and not knowing anything about it, jumped in and started asking questions. I was not very knowledgeable at the time, but all of my questions were answered and further advice was given.

    So here we are 11 months later, and a much better read and informed Dave was able to present his mother with what is photographed below. It is not the finest piece of literature or historical writing but it is my small way of remembering Grandad and his mates who flew in their gliders to Arnhem. And hopefully it will help my nephews, nieces and future kids realise what he did and also what his 1st Pilot Spud (1920 to 1944 :poppy: ) did, who as far as I know had no children of his own to remember him.

    I very much doubt I would have got it done as well or on time without the members of the forum.

    So to all of you who helped me (Lindsay, Tom, Graham, Nicola, John, Neil, Andrew, Paul, Marc and Steve - sorry if I have forgotten anyone!!!)

    To all all of you who welcomed me to the forum (too many to mention but you know who you are!!!)

    To Adam and the mods for keeping the lights on

    And to the veterans for being veterans,

    THANK YOU!!!

    Looking forward to more discussions and research on the forum over 2014 - and you never know, I might be able to answer some questions rather than just asking them!!!


    P1020714.JPG P1020696.JPG P1020697.JPG P1020699.JPG P1020701.JPG P1020707.JPG P1020710.JPG P1020713.JPG
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  2. 4jonboy

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    Well done Dave, lovely tribute.

  3. bamboo43

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    Fantastic Dave, well done.

  4. von Poop

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  5. CL1

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    Dave well done mate

  6. Mike L

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    Very nicely done Dave, a fitting tribute.

    Bet your Mother was chuffed to bits!
  7. Owen

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    Bloody hell that does look good.
    A most excellent prsent for your Mum.
  8. Theobob

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    Top Job!
    well done mate!
  9. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Well done young man !

  10. Bernard85

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    good day you.well done dave,a happy new year to you and your family.regards bernard85 :lol: :lol:
  11. Recce_Mitch

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    Excellent job Dave

  12. Tricky Dicky

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    A fitting tribute - well done Dave

  13. Sussex by the Sea

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    That is superb Dave, well done.

  14. Cee

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    Wow that's a beauty Dave, and a lovely gift for your Mother!
  15. DPas

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    Thanks for all the compliments. I did a similar one for my Dad on his family history ranging from 1735 to present but presented in such a way that it can be updated as more information becomes available. No WWII in that one but a few WWI and pre-WWI service people. Interesting stuff though.

    They were both very happy. I told them that next year they would be getting socks, to which mum replied "I hope they will be hand made!!!"
  16. Lindsay Aspin

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    Due to loss of power and telephone connection I've been off-line since the pre-Christmas storm. Both services were restored late last night. Today I've read Dave's WW2 Talk thread .... "Thank You".

    Congratulations Dave, you've successfully accomplished and completed a goal set by yourself many months ago. A remarkable achievement and a fine written tribute to your grandfather for future family generations to read and discover more about their family heritage.

    During the last 11 months it has been good to be part of your "help team" alongside other members of WW2 Talk. It goes without saying how fortunate we all are that members on this forum are always so very willing to offer friendly advice and help to others.

    A moment to remember is the day Peter and I met you and your mother ...
    four people standing in silence next to the GPR Memorial Stone after the Dedication at the NMA in September, watching and waving good-bye to the pilots of the Army Lynx helicopter as it took off to leave. Being drowned by the noise, we didn't for a moment, realise who we might all be!

    Now today on WW2 Talk, whenever your avatar pops-up showing the photograph of your grandfather as a young man proudly wearing his maroon beret, it reminds me of that day in September ... your family resemblance to this photograph is quite amazing !

    So glad Mum was thrilled with her Christmas present.

    With all good wishes to you both,
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  17. Drew5233

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    Awww proper chuffed for you. I now know why you wanted those files done so quickly before Christmas!
  18. DPas

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    Thanks Drew. The files were very helpful and I am sure will be useful again. If you get a chance PM me with your e-mail address - I seem to have misplaced it.

    Hope the young fella had a great first Christmas,
  19. Tom Canning

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    A well worthwhile project for the family

  20. JJS

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    Looks excellent, well done...........You've got a lot to live up to, best get knitting!

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