The american home front in color

Discussion in 'USA' started by Jakob Kjaersgaard, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Great photos, thank you very much!
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    Those photos are really fantastic Jakob. You can see the propaganda in them but thats not to take away the quality. Great find!
  4. Dave55

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    Due to World War II all domestic radio production had ended. At the same time automotive production halted as plants changed to war time production. Unused new car radios sat in warehouses. In order to have something to sell, Philco refitted unused car radios into newly designed home console cabinets. In this case the 1942 Ford F radio and speaker was used for this set.

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  5. Dave55

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    Woman driving a Mack EHT coal truck in Pennsylvania. T stood for tractor version of military EH .

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    Car radios were very rare in the UK and definitely non standard - our Morris 10 in the late 40s/early 50s had one but only because Dad built one and installed it himself. I can remember listening to Dick Barton on it. He also built and fitted a heater, a rear window de-mister and a windscreen washer! British cars were somewhat lacking in accessories although it did have a sunroof.

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