The Duke of Edinburgh

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    I completely agree, Tom.
    Even if not a royalist, I admire both of them for their sense of duty over so many years.
    Which you wouldn't get from a President, Premier, or whatever the alternatives are.
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  2. Owen

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    Happy 99th Sir.
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  3. Charley Fortnum

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    Has Prince Philip written or been interviewed at length about his wartime service?

    I was very interested when I heard in a video about the Western Approaches Museum that he was thought to be the only man still alive who had gone through certain training exercises they ran there during the Second World War.

    I know there's a 1961 biography by Leslie Hollis (deputy to Pug Ismay as secretary of the Chiefs of Staff Committee). The cover has him in naval uniform and the title sounds promising, but I don't know whether either reflects the content.

    The Captain General. A Life of H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, Captain General, Royal Marines.
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  4. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Video clip in which Prince Philip recalls his vessel being bombed.

  5. Smudger Jnr

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    Harry Hargreaves emailed me a copy of his book when we were both researchers on the bbc ww2 people’s war web page

    a few years ago I managed to purchase the book

    It is a very good read
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    Another WW2 veteran gone
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    The end of an era
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    Bet the poor sod won't be left to rest in peace, though. Even the announcement on the radio had to drag up Diana and car crashes; his not hers.
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    Just appeared on BBC News following an announcement from the Palace.
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    A very sad day. What an extraordinary character and man.
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    I am truly sorry, as I liked him very much.
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    Brilliant image Diane ,just how I would imagine he would have liked to go.

    Enjoyed his honesty in a world where honesty isnt appreciated. Sleep well Sir!

    Kyle :(
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    Local connection.

    2021-04-09 13.57.40.png
  17. CL1

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  18. Dave55

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    Was he an aviator too?
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    No but he learnt to fly post war and that would be before March 1955 when the aircraft shown, the North American Havard completed its last flight course at Feltwell.

    The Havard featured as the RAF standard trainer from early January 1939 to 1955 when it was gradually replaced by the Vampire T 11 jet trainer in 1954/1955.

    The Havard was passed on to the University Air Squadrons as a communications aircraft and served abroad in the Mau Mau operations in Kenya.

    Reminds me of a late colleague at work who served on Havards at Little Rissington. He would tell me of his time in Flying Training Command and involvement with the Havard.
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  20. Dave55

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    Watching raw footage of all the flags at half staff around the country. What is this building near Parliament?



    I know now.

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