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    In case anyone is interested here are extracts from last week's Radio Times just to show what was scheduled to be shown or broadcast on the radio last Friday. The radio was interrupted at about 1215. All BBC radio, including local stations, broadcast the same programme from that time.

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    Operation Forth Bridge (Duke of Edinburgh death )

    The announcement of Philip’s death interrupted programming on most TV and radio channels, with broadcasters switching to their newsrooms or pre-prepared packages.

    The BBC’s protocol for such events sees a grey news update graphic appear on screen, followed by the reading of the Palace statement and the playing of the national anthem afterwards.

    Newsreaders across all channels are wearing black, and presenters on other non-news programmes are likely to do so also as a mark of respect.

    Schedules for the upcoming days are likely to be changed to include further coverage of the mourning period, and comedy shows are likely to be postponed.

    Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale will not air on Friday night. Shows like MasterChef will be rescheduled.

    Operation Forth Bridge: How Duke of Edinburgh's death was announced on TV and radio, and what events happen next - The Sunday Post
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    The Duke talks about his time during WW2:

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    Canadian visit in a 1978 Ford

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    The Duke's unique brand of humour and "not suffering fools gladly" will be sadly missed. A war veteran who, as has been said, could talk to, and about, other veterans on an equal footing. I like the fact that a Landrover he helped to design will be part of the funeral proceedings. Very fitting. R. I. P. Sir. Shame you didn't quite make it to your 100th birthday. Thank you for your devoted service to Queen and Country.
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    sunny and chill this morning...

    IMG_1871 (2).JPG
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    Beautiful service today.
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    Did you watch it live over there ?
    Was it on the US networks or BBC America (or suchlike) ?
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    I watched it live on one of the US news channels. It looked like they all had the same pool feed here. They blathered constantly in the background until the casket was placed on the Land Rover but then stayed silent until the queen left the church.

    Who was the man walking behind Harry? Princess Anne's son?
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    Anne's son , Peter , was between his cousins , William & Harry.
    Her husband ,Tim, was behind Harry.

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    I'm sorry I missed the funeral, I should try to find it. From what I heard I suppose it was, like Churchill's, something of a farewell to a whole era. The last of the war's veterans are leaving us. I thought of this:
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    And behind William was Princess Margaret's son, David (Earl of Snowdon).
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    Military Bands rehearse:

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    Came across this interesting anecdote today in a rather sad passage from Will Iredale’s The Kamikaze Hunters:

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