The Dunkirk Warriors of 54 Squadron - Battle of Britain

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    My uncle, Gordon Herbert Batchelor, was one of "The Few" and joined 54 Squadron in October 1940. I thought it would be interesting to research the role of 54 Squadron from the beginning of the Battle of Britain, until it came to an end in October. I have therefore been looking at the RAF Operation Record Books in AIR 27 and Combat Reports in AIR 50 for 54 Squadron. I am writing a series of blog articles and published the first one today, which covers July 1940. I hope some members find it interesting.

    The “Dunkirk Warriors” of 54 Squadron – Battle of Britain – July 1940
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    Hi - You may be interested in my son's fundraising. He was going to walk Al Deere's (54 Sqn) Escape and Evasion route from Belgium to Dunkirk this year on the 80th anniversary but Covid has delayed it now until the 81st anniversary. Instead he's walking 25 miles from RAF Manston to The Battle of Britain Memorial on the 31st October to commemorate the end of the Battle of Britain....On his 7th Birthday! You may know that 54 Squadron whilst based at Hornchurch flew a lot of sorties from Manston during July and August until the base was deemed non operational due to attacks.
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    My home turf Manston, will endeavour to attend on the 31st October, from the Battle of Britain Museum I assume?
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    That’s amazing! What an impressive distance too for a seven year old. Is he raising funds for the Battle of Britain Memorial? Please let me have further details.

    I’ve seen from the ORB of 54 Squadron that I’ve been reading for my blog, that a lot of the action in the summer of 1940 took place over Manston. They were flying mainly out of Rochford too, rather than Hornchurch at this time. Apparently, conditions were rather primitive at Rochford and Manston compared to Hornchurch.

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