The Fusiliers Mont-Royal at Dieppe

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    This thread (if you've not already seen it) may be of interest.

    Colditz Canadians

    Lt. John H Roy is mentioned.

    Good luck with your project.

    Kind regards, always,

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  2. Hi
    I don`t have a picture . I landed on this soldier as I am researching to write a book on my great uncle Paul Emile Barrette
    D 15141 RCE who died on D-Day. But as a Barrette, I am really interested in finding out if he ever survived the POW camp.
    Hopefully I`ll get some answers from the Fusiliers about him, they should know ???
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  3. FusiliersDieppe

    FusiliersDieppe Anything related to Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal

    The FMR / FMR Museum were never helpful for me, they don't really care about that if they answer at all when you write to them. If you send me a pm with your email, I can update you if I found anything on him. I'm pretty sure he survive the POW camp, as I don't have any mention of his death.
  4. Hi Steve,
    looks liek you are also a specialist on the FMR and Dieppe aong with M.Gaudet, I am getting nowhere through all the online site to get info on what happened to D63008 PTE Barrette Paul-Émile POW. Do you where the records of pow are kept, especially f they did not make it through the gruesome march in 1945. Much appreciated
  5. Salut, can you let me know where i can pm you ?
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  7. thaks Owen - pretty sure I posted 5 times - where do I get the PM link ?
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    You have now. ;)

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    Hi Mario,

    I'm afraid I can't add much on Pte Barrette, other than the fact that he is listed as missing in the FMR War Diary after the raid and subsequently confirmed as a POW. He's not listed as a wartime death by the CWGC, so it is safe to assume that he survived his time as a POW and was repatriated after being released at the end of the war.

    It's possible there is a released POW record for him, but that is a set of documents I've yet to have time to look through.


  10. Thanks Steve,
    Do you know where I can ask or look at the released POW records or rapatriation back to Canda by boat ?
    Eevryone says to look at the Library and Archive from canada but other than submit a request, i dont find links to online database

  11. Thanks Owen - will do !!
  12. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    Hi Mario,

    I do not know where those precise files are, or if they have been digitized, etc, but in general go to the bac-lac website and then do a Collection Search.

    Interestingly when I tried to search for "Barrette Paul-Émile" I found a file in the "Office of the Custodian of Enemy Property Fonds - War Claims Branch" from the 1950s. Is it related to the same man? I don't know.

    Collection Search
  13. by all means send it my way if you can Thnaks Chris
  14. just saw thre lnk below - will have to visit Ottawa to do onsite research !!
  15. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian

    You can do that or possibly hire a researcher in Ottawa to do it for you. I know one (Brad St Croix)
  16. FusiliersDieppe

    FusiliersDieppe Anything related to Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal

  17. FusiliersDieppe

    FusiliersDieppe Anything related to Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal

    Hi everyone, just a quick update to tell that I started to work on my website for the Fusiliers at Dieppe. So if you're curious, you can have a look there:

    It's still under construction, but I already put some informations.
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  19. FusiliersDieppe

    FusiliersDieppe Anything related to Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal

    Thanks alot! Appreciate the help!

    Are you related to anyone involve in the Raid?
  20. matt_126

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    Yes, my grandfather was Pte Arthur Mélançon D121004 (his number is not the correct one in your list in the initial post).

    He fell unconscious and was taken prisoner during the Raid. He claimed that he had been released 3 months later. I have seen letters and telegraphs between DND and his mother confirming that. I just cannot pinpoint which event led to his release. Of course, like most people who were there during the raid, he never really talked about it.

    I know for a fact that he was later stationed near Ghent, Belgium where he met my grandmother. I don't know if he was involved in the 1944 attacks or if he was stationed there post-war.
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