The Official History of New Zealand in the Second World war.

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    A splendid resource with detailed unit histories. Check out the Supply Company unit history, near bottom of index page. A single company tasked with co-ordinating and supplying rations (Compo and hot/fresh) for an entire division! Surely we must have the paper records and unit histories to put something similar together in this country? It's not rocket science, just basic web publishing with useful links between themes etc. Unless someone can see a profit from it, then I can't see it being done in the present climate...mutter...grumble...
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    What a fantastic record, and I have to agree with Adam, where are the British records? Don't suppose we will see anything like this for some years, if at all.
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    It's all transcription isn't it, not much analysis required for this kind of raw stuff.
    I'd have thought a worthy lottery type project; more worthy than some anyway.
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    I see a great deal of the digitisation was funded by this lady:
    Mary Weston | NZETC
    The success of the project was ensured by significant donations received through the Victoria University of Wellington Foundation. These included a UK£20,000 donation from Mary Weston, the daughter of New Zealand war hero Major General Sir Howard Kippenberger, who oversaw the production of 23 volumes of the official histories.
    New Zealand Electronic Text Centre: May 2004

    Good on her.

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    Been reading (downloading) from this site since mid-2007; excellent stuff, very illustrative and fascinating for us researchers out here.

    There´s a similar site on Digger history, with PDF´s of the Official Aussie Records from WW1 to Korea: Official Histories

    By the way, does anybody know if there´s an Indian place like this ones? I mean, been trying for eras to lay my hands on really substantial and in-depth stuff on the East African Campaign, and since British electronic resources are almost a no-no...
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    Breaks my heart .....
  9. i read the offical history of nz in ww2 a few years ago and it was okay but i agree with you guys where are the british records
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    Sadly Britain is lagging behind.

    Cheers Paul
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    Just been reading about 28 Maori battalion at Takrouna, North Africa, as it was a battle that my Father witnessed and always had undying admiration for them. 5th Camerons knew if they failed they would be sent in to help. One small error is that the history says the Maoris were relieved by 5th Seaforth, in actual fact 5th Camerons relieved them on 23/24 April.
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    The British equivalent would be something to look forward to.
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    Thanks for the link for Infantry Brigadier.

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