The sinking of the Scharnhorst Boxing Day 1943

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    Just remembered with the aid of the DT "Britain at War" column.

    Revenge for the sinking of the carrier Glorious in the withdrawal from Norway in which the Scharnhorst played a leading part in June 1940 ..not many survivors in the cold Barent Seas as they were for the Glorious crew and RAF fighter squadron personnel being carried when she went down in the North Sea.

    Success for the RN to prevent the Kreigmarine from deploying their capital ships into the Allied shipping routes.

    As regards the engine room design,the Scharnhorst was well equipped...when a boiler room took a direct hit,she was making 28 knots but recovered after dropping her speed to 22 knots for 20 minutes.Having dual steam ranges,boiler range and feed range systems,when she was hit,her crew isolated the damaged ranges and swiftly recovered steam output and headway.Unlucky for her and her crew,she was in the clutches of a trap set by the RN and unable to reach land.

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    good day harry ree.very senior member.yesterday.08:13 sinking of the schanhorst boxing day,1943,it was a great victory for the rn,the schanhorst was a menace to the merchant shipping,thanks for posting.regards bernard85
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    Yes, a well-coordinated operation, stalking and shooting by radar in the Arctic night against a skilled and experienced enemy in an excellently-designed ship. I think this was the last capital ship vs capital ship engagement? It should have been better commemorated.

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