The Tannenberg Memorial

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    This is the funeral of Luftwaffe Gen. Günther Korten, killed on the 20th July '44 bomb. So he rated a burial here...

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    Tannenberg was destroyed by the Wehrmacht when they withdrew from this part of East Prussia in 1945.The remains of the Hindenbergs were removed before demolition and transferred to Germany.

    Hindenberg had expressed a wish to be buried at the German Imperial garrison of Potsdam but to no avail as Hitler wished to exploit Hindenberg's death as he built up what he thought would be the Nazi legacy for the thousand year reich.

    As far as I know,not a stone stands of Hitler's legacy
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    Couple of German sources say that it was 'damaged' rather than destroyed in 1945, and that the Poles were the ones who finally demolished it in the 50s.

    This is it in the 50s:


    This is from:

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    always wondered what the memorial looked like. Well done for all the photos and info guys!
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    Polish website translated to English describes it's fate.

    ::MAZURSKIE VADEMECUM TURYSTY:: mazury info, wszystko o mazurach w jednym miejscu / Tannenberg-Denkmal

    After the war crippled Tannenberg - Denkmal stood for 1949. When it began building the actual devastation. Granite slabs cut off from the courtyard, some of which served as building material for construction of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw and the House Party, part of the plates used in the construction of the monument of gratitude to the Red Army in Olsztyn (the gallows by the project Xawery Dunikowski). This year was probably blowing up parts of the walls of the monument by a bomb, reportedly escaped from the explosion of a lot of windows in homes in Olsztynek.

    Destruction of the Prussian monument lasted for many years. Been done in a planned or spontaneous by the surrounding population, who are here to raise the building material to construct chlewków, business houses and other buildings. In the early 80-ties were worn with the intention to carry through the center of the new bypass near Tannenbergu Olsztynek. Therefore, the destroyed remnants of walls and cavities in the courtyard began to assail all kinds of waste. The bypass was abandoned at the end of the 80s it was decided to fit out here shooting with small arms. From the monument, only the foundations remain hidden deep in the ground and the hill in the middle of the cup. Everything is covered with various materials and overgrown shrubs and weeds. That is the sad end of the well-known throughout Germany 'Monument to the glory of the Reich. "
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    An excellent insight to the Memorial with superb pictures.

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    Looking at the old pic versus the now ones - but the Poles did a fairly thorough job of destroying it completely!
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    Very interesting piece!
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    I have visited the Tannenberg battlefields last summer and look what I found.

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    Some remains of another "great war".

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    Very interesting photos - thanks for sharing.

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