Torch to Tunis: Bletchley Park podcast

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by davidbfpo, Dec 5, 2022.

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    From a BP email:
    Link: Bletchley Park / E145 - Torch to Tunis

    Not listened to yet, usually these products are informative. Its is 1h 28m long!
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  2. Chris C

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    Thanks! I'll give that a listen. I think the last episode I listened to was about the Arctic convoys.
  3. Chris C

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    I found the first hour a bit frustrating. There's a bunch of stuff about 8th Army (not what I am listening to the episode for) and finally a bit about intelligence errors wrt Kasserine Pass. But then it starts to talk about the use of (large amounts of) intercepted low grade signals intelligence to understand the pattern of the German aerial supply runs which enable the RAF to mount Operation Flax, to intercept those flights decisively, and that's really interesting. Possibly of interest to Orwell1984 ?
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    Oh thanks for that!
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