Tracing American War Dead

Discussion in 'US Units' started by angie999, Nov 24, 2004.

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    War Dead Databases.
    The following is a list of databases I have or have access to, containing information on soldiers who died in wars.
    American Monuments of battles and war dead, for Vietnam, Korea, ww1 and ww2.
    War dead from Britains small wars from ww2 to 1990.
    Soldiers died in ww2 in the British army.
    Soldiers died in ww1 for the brish and commonwealth and the USA
    Commonwealth wargraves commission.
    Soldiers of the great war, (WW1 USA with 10.000 pictures of the fallen.)
    Roll of honour for the RAF and RFC ww1.
    Enquiry list of the red cross up to 1917.
    Locations of field hospitals and clearing stations ww1.
    De Ruvigneys roll of honour, five volumes.
    Irelands memorial records, (same as in is Islandbridge) 8 volumes.
    Soldiers died Union side USA Civil war.
    Soldiers Died, confederate side, USA Civil war.
    Boer war, officers died.

    I am happy to help anyone.
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    I just found out from the Great War forum that the CWGC online records do not give details of non-Commonwealth nationals buried in CWGC cemeteries.

    This came up in relation to a question about Russians buried on the Western Front and my inability to find details about a number of graves I have seen in Terlincthun cemetery, Boulogne.

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