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    Royals at snowy St Patrick's Day parade

    The Duke of Cambridge has taken the salute at the Irish Guards' St Patrick's Day parade.

    His wife Catherine then presented the shamrock to officers.

    They braved freezing temperatures to watch 350 soldiers, dressed in red regalia, parade at the 1st Battalion's base in Hounslow, West London.

    A shamrock was also pinned to the collar of the battalion's mascot Domhnall, an Irish wolfhound, who led the march-past.

    Snow fell on the parade ground in West London

    Before the parade Domhnall's handler, drummer Aidan Cathcart, worried that despite a week of test runs his charge would misbehave.
    "Domhnall's role is very monumental - he is the first guy on the parade. He is the main guy on the march, it's a pretty important day for him," he said.
    Asked if he was confident Domhnall would perform as planned, he replied: "No."
    Prince William, who is a colonel of the Irish Guards, and Catherine had to face snow and strong winds as the UK experiences another cold snap.
    The Duchess of Cambridge, who is due to give birth to the couple's third child next month, wore a green Catherine Walker coat and a Gina Foster hat.

    The Duchess presented a shamrock to officers

    And Catherine met Domhnall the Irish Wolfhound
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    Guardsman first to wear turban at parade

    Coldstream Guards soldier Charanpreet Singh Lall wearing a turban during a rehearsal for Trooping the Colour

    A Coldstream Guards soldier is set to become the first to wear a turban during the Trooping the Colour parade.

    About 1,000 soldiers will take part in the ceremony which marks the Queen's official birthday, on Saturday.

    Guardsman Charanpreet Singh Lall, 22, a Sikh from Leicester, said he hoped it was looked upon as a "new change in history".

    He said he expected it would encourage those from different religions and backgrounds to join the Army.

    Gdsm Lall was born in India but moved to the UK as a baby

    "I hope that people watching, that they will just acknowledge it and that they will look at it as a new change in history," he said.

    "I hope that more people like me, not just Sikhs but from other religions and different backgrounds, that they will be encouraged to join the Army."

    Gdsm Lall, who joined the British Army in January 2016, was born in Punjab, India, and moved to the UK as a baby.

    The turban he will be wearing features a ceremonial cap star to match the bearskin hats worn by the other soldiers.

    Gdsm Lall said it was a "high honour"

    "I'm quite proud and I know that a lot of other people are proud of me as well," he said.

    "For myself, being the first turban-wearing Sikh to troop the colour and to be part of the escort it is a really high honour for myself, and hopefully for everyone else as well.

    "My mum was crying on the day I passed out so I wonder what is going to happen to her when she sees me in this."

    Trooping the Colour has commemorated the birthday of the sovereign for more than 250 years and also functions as a display of army drills, music and horsemanship.

    BBC One - Trooping the Colour, 2018

    Harry and Meghan join Queen at parade
    The Queen has attended every Trooping the Colour in her reign except in 1955 when it was cancelled
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    828C5A06-E25B-43BB-8269-492B6EB3A1BB.jpeg C828B5BF-EB40-4C00-A982-A5C009980EA2.jpeg 41645ED0-0B2E-41EF-9F6E-370B29777F88.jpeg

    My late father took part in Trooping The Colour with 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards at Alexandria, Egypt 80 years ago today......
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    They said he wore it last year as well on the TV. We've just finished watching it. Those upside down Union Flags were doing my OCD no world of good - I think it should became a capital offence.
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    Had to miss it as we were out this morning, intend to watch the highlights. Upside down Union Flags! Don't get me started on that one, I support your suggestion.
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    I remember hearing that Harry had to ask his mother to keep his beard at the wedding as he was in uniform, would/does this apply to Guardsman Lall as well, or does he have continuous 'permission' or is it not necessary ??

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    He'd be exempt for religious reasons, the same was true regarding a 'tight seal' with respirators that you have to be clean shaven and wearing motorcycle helmets.
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    My local British Legion have been flying one upside down for a few weeks now despite me telling them....I'm on the verge of pulling the flag pole down !
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    The Royal Family on Twitter

    During her reign The Queen has attended Trooping the Colour every year except 1955 when it was cancelled because of the general strike.

    Here, the then Princess Elizabeth accompanies King George VI on the way to Trooping the Colour in 1947.
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    Flying Canucks of the RCAF on Buck House duty until July 12th.
    Changing the guard etc. a first for them, apparently.

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    Edit.....Von Poop beat me to the post.
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    I did not expect to enjoy watching that so much.

    Also: the band played the theme to Game of Thrones? Really? :)
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    Sikh Coldstream soldier is facing the boot after testing positive for cocaine | Daily Mail Online
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    Twins to parade in Trooping the Colour
    Guardsman Thomas Dell of the Grenadier Guards (right) and his twin brother Trooper Ben Dell of the Household Cavalry

    Identical twins from different British Army regiments are due to parade in Trooping the Colour for the first time together later.

    Ben and Thomas Dell, aged 21, will be taking part in the event which marks the Queen's official birthday.

    It will be the first time for Guardsman Thomas in the Grenadier Guards, but third time for Trooper Ben in the Household Cavalry.

    Ben said: "Everything is a competition between both of us."

    He added: "At home, since we were very young all the way up to now, it's always a competition of who's the better one. It's a lot of fun."

    Iraq deployment
    The twins will be among more than 1,000 soldiers taking part in the parade, along with 400 musicians from the massed bands.

    As a Grenadier Guard, Thomas was deployed to Iraq to work with the US coalition and returned to the UK just before Christmas.

    Ben said: "[Our parents] are proud of both of us for what we've done; him obviously going off to Iraq and being in the infantry; me doing this for the last couple of years, doing all of the ceremonial duties."

    Thomas added: "They're equally proud... we've both achieved our own goals in our own respective fields."

    This year the ceremony, which is staged each June in London's Horse Guards Parade, will see Thomas's Colour - of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards - being trooped.

    Attended by members of the royal family including the Queen, the parade brings together prestigious regiments and the families of the serving men and women.

    Thomas (left) says the twins' parents are "equally proud" of them

    Thomas (left) served in Iraq and returned home just before Christmas
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    An impressive event as always. Interested to see Prince Andrew interviewed in his role as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. Good to see young Louis waving to the crowds and enjoying the flypast.
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    As ever a great sight to see Her Majesty the Queen enjoying herself
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