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    Colleagues; some - no, not some but 7 years - back I had spent a day looking for the bunkers of the Mareth line. Unfortunately without much preparation an therefore only randomly. And I am still not very familiar with the subject today...

    Now, I am invited to go to Tunisia for a short week and I thought I might have the time to visit some of the places related t WW2. There's not much time to prepare the trip for me since I am occupied with my job quite a lot.

    If one or the other knows some photos of the Mareth line, possibly of British origin, then I could have a better look. A recommendation of a book dealing with that subject would also be nice (although I will hardly have the time to read it now...).

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
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    This is from the Illustrated London News, i/d January 30th 1943:


    The March of Time episode mentioned doesn't yet seem to be digitised - shame really, as it looks to have been about a 10-minute feature.

    Some battle scenes showing the defences i/d April 10th 1943:



    Some more from the next issue:

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    Map of the Mareth battlefield for 23rd February to March 28th 1943. if its of interest.

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    Hi Kuno, would you have time to visit any cemeteries?

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    Cemeteries... rather less. I am looking furhter south to the more desertic areas. But if there is a chance, then I will do it. Although I do only know the German cemetery at Bordj Cedria in Tunisia. Where are the Commonwealth, French and American cemeteries?
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    Browsing through the local newspaper archive today and came across this photo from the Mareth Line. It made me smile and thought i'd share it.

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    I have just posted some questions about hiking the Mareth Line in a separate thread. Please could someone help me out with some information? Thank you! Walking Tunisia's Mareth Line in 2021

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