U.S.A.A.F. 16 Year-old Airgunner "Retired" after Six Missions

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    Sergeant De Sales Allen Glover,
    26th October 1927 Clearfield, Pennsylvania - 24th January 1998 in Escambia, Florida, United States

    A gunner of the 458th Bomb Group with his B-24 Liberator (serial number 41-29288) nicknamed "Big-Time Operator".
    No. 317900. "BIG TIME OPERATOR" 16 YEAR OLD AIRGUNNER RETIRES AFTER WINNING AIR MEDAL. Sergeant De Sales A Glover, of 237 McKee Place, Pittsburgh, PA, Liberator gunner who was recently awarded the Air Medal, is being retired from the US Air Force at the "Ripe old age" of sixteen. Grounded recently after completing six missions when it was discovered that he was under age, Glover probably will be sent home with an honourable discharge. According to Administration officials here, Glover enlisted in the Army on October 14, 1942- When he was only 14- by fibbing about his age. Taking part in the first US raid on Berlin and in the more recent one on Brunswick, he was one probable enemy fighter to his credit. Associated Press Photo Shows: Holding his machine-gun and wearing a "necklace" of ammunition, 16 year old Sgt De Sales A Glover, poses in front of a Liberator appropriately named "Big-Time Operator" 1544Y.' Handwritten caption on reverse: '458 BG discovered 16 year old gunner who completed 6 mission before being sent home.'
    Image stamped on reverse: 'Associated Press.' [stamp]. Printed caption on reverse: 'Not to be published before the daily paper of Tuesday, May 2. Passed by the censor.

    © IWM FRE 1929
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