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    I have just started the process of trying to trace my late Uncles war having just uncovered some photographs of him during the war.

    My Mother thinks that he was in Egypt and then moved on to Italy but the photographs only seem to show him in Egypt and also that they seem to have spent most of their time either boxing or playing football! The only photos of Italy are the copies of the Mussolini hangings that I understand were traded between troops in period.

    I have already posted a thread about the car they are sat on in the 3rd photo (Uncle sat far right) and based on that I understand that it is a 1940 Chevy and that the census number puts it in Egypt which ties in.

    Anyway I will post the Egypt photos to see if anyone can shed any light on where they might have been taken and also if the cap badge on the first photo is recognisable, I have tried to find out what it is but the quality of the photo is poor.

    Any information would be appreciated but in any event I hope the photographs are of interest to forum members.

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