Unknown British soldier's body found on Monte Spaduro

Discussion in 'Italy' started by vitellino, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Vitellino, in ogni caso, sapendo che è ha postato le mappe per rintracciare qualche parente del caduto mi fa piacere, sapendo che è per una buona causa. Comunque sono disponibilissimo se dovessi aiutare in qualche modo nelle ricerche.

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    Grazie mille. Thanks a lot.
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    I think it's time to draw all this to a close until we get either a final positive or negative result.

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    The MOD have informed me that the soldier will be buried as an 'unknown British soldier' as attempts to trace him have not been successful. At least he will now have a decent burial. I will post more details when they become available from the CWGC.

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    Thanks for the update
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    The MOD have now reversed their earlier decision and intend to continue to with DNA testing to try to identify this soldier,

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    Can you help trace the family of a missing World War 2 soldier?
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    Faulkner has a family tree on Ancestry

    George Faulkner 1916–1969
    Mary Faulkner 1919–
    Fus Joseph Frank Faulkner 1921–1944
    Cyril Faulkner 1924–2012 children - 2 living males
    Harry Faulkner 1926–2008
    Jack Faulkner 1929–2000 -children - 3 living males 4th son died in 2002
    Kenneth Faulkner 1932–2007

    I cannot understand how the MOD cannot use something like Ancestry to trace living male relatives


    Fus Joseph Frank Faulkner
    BIRTH OCT 1921 • Bucklow, Cheshire
    DEATH 23 OCTOBER 1944
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    Vickers has a family tree on Ancestry

    Walter Vickers
    BIRTH 19 APR 1921 • Chorlton, Lancashire
    DEATH 23 OCT 1944 • died in WW2

    Walter Vickers 1921–1944
    Bernard Vickers 1923–1998 shown as having had 2 sons of which 1 is still alive
    James Vickers 1931–1953
    Private this would indicate this brother is still alive at the last time the tree was updated


    In fact the username that started this family tree is ...........................
    Ministry of Defence UK

    Member since 19 Oct 2016
    Last signed in Today
    Member NameMinistry of Defence UK

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    Walter Vickers' MM was awarded for actions south of Lake Trasimene in June '44:
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    As the MOD have been a member of Ancestry since 2016 and in fact were on the Ancestry site today why can t they resolve the problem themselves???

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    I would like to think so, Bexley. My friend who found him has just about given up hope that he will ever be traced.

    I sent in these names in January 2018 together with two others from 2 Lancs.Fusilers. Soon after I was told that the case was being dropped, but a change of personnel brought about a re-think. I was then informed that further efforts were to be made to trace the family of the soldier.

    In the meantime my contact at CWGC tells me that the burial is due to take place in November.

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    Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 21.01.47.png
    Manchester Evening News Tuesday 12th September 1944

    Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 21.04.46.png
    Manchester Evening News Saturday 11th November 1944
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    This “search” was an item on ITV North West news (Granada TV) on Tuesday evening.

    There was an update on this evenings programme that a nephew of Pte Faulkner had come forward and agreed to provide a DNA sample to MOD for elimination purposes.

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    Pleased to hear that Pte. Faulkner's nephew has come forward.

    Interesting that Fus. Vickers was reported as killed. I would have expected him to have been reported as missing....His photo is also intriguing me as he has a long face, as did the 'missing soldier' ( I have a photo of his remains).

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    The problem with ancestry trees sometime people tag themselves into trees as ancestry hint button suggests but I have seen people use my relations details but when you click on a census they have used it is obvious they have used the same name but wrong person as dob or wife details or date of death wrong
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    My mate who I go to France with every year has connections with JCCC at GHQ as he is posted in Gloster at the moment. I suspect the reason is they are squaddies (the ones he's spoken to) with no real genealogy experience or interest. That's not a accusation just a hunch from talking to him as a middle man about two of my missing chaps from 1940.
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    Yes but for Vickers the MOD user has actually created a tree from scratch, so they have some genealogical experience

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    Will someone please put this thread together with my original thread on the unknown soldier?
    Unknown British soldier's body found on Monte Spaduro

    To recap. I have been in contact with the Compassion Department at Imjun Barracks since the body was found in 2015. Having consulted the missing men files for all the units known to have been on Spaduro between Oct. 44 and the following March I compiled a list of possibles. The DNA taken from the soldier was compared with at least three 'probables' but there was no match and it was decided to drop the case early in 2018. However, a change of personnel in the department led to the 'abandon' decision being reversed, hence the present attempt to contact relatives.

    I have no knowledge of the methods used by the department when tracking down possible matches. As they have subscribed to Ancestry this must be one method they have tried, probably successfully, with other similar cases.


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