Unknown British soldier's body found on Monte Spaduro

Discussion in 'Italy' started by vitellino, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Fus John Muldoon born Dungannon County Tyrone 3/9/1913. In 1939 register living with his widowed mother Bridget 35 School Road Long Lawford Rugby. Unmarried and at the time a Council labourer. Brother Peter born 1912 who married 1946 Margaret Nugent. She is buried St Marie Catholic churchyard Rugby with mother-in-law Bridget, father-in-law Michael and husband Peter.
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    Unfortunately the MOD later informed me that there was no match. It appears that Fus. Muldoon may have been too old (age thought to have been about 23) and the DNA test on Fus. Winder's family member was negative.

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    Not current but just spotted the news item you refer to ...presumably no match has yet been found...I'll be at Monte Spaduro next late spring to do some filming.

    Appeal to trace family of fallen World War Two hero
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    Thanks Steve and Richard.

    I understand that the burial is to take place in November in any case but need to confirm this with CWGC in August - will do so and post the details.

    In any case I shall be going to the ceremony,

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    My uncle is one of the men thought to be this soldier.
    He was in the 5th Battalion The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment).
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    Have you been contacted by the MOD, Alison?
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    Yes, We supplied DNA from a surviving brother around 10 days ago.
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    Update. The ceremony is planned for the week beginning 18 November.

    Thank you so much all of you who have shown interest in this soldier. The MOD told me a while ago that even if he is not identified before the burial they have his DNA and will keep on searching.

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    Good news.

    No doubt it's answered further up the thread but may I ask if the burial will take place at the Santerno river CWGC cemetery?

    best wishes
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    I understand that it is to take place in Bologna. I will keep everyone posted as promised.

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  11. vitellino

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    I have now been told that hopefully the ceremony will be in March 2020 - on or around the 16th,

  12. vitellino

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    Hello everyone who has shown an interest in this case.

    Sadly it has not been possible to identify this soldier. He is to be buried as an unknown on 11 March in Bologna War Cemetery at 10.30 am (time to be confirmed)

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    Well done for the effort you have made, perhaps one day, who knows, but at least he will have a proper resting place.
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  14. vitellino

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    Thank you all for your kind words,

  15. vitellino

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    Now the coronavirus scenario has led to the postponement of the burial of this poor man.
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    Awful to hear that. Let us hope this poor soul’s journey will finally end very soon.
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    Is that because MoD will not sanction the troops to travel to Italy for the burial?


  18. Robert-w

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    Who knows but I suspect that it's more likely that either the Italian government is discouraging movement in a red zone or doesn't want crowds (or both) As ever the needs of the living trump those of the dead and it would be mawkish to pretend otherwise. It would be showing no real respect for the dead for their burial to put at risk the living.
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