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  1. ncayote

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    hi all,

    when reading the queens bays diary from june 1942 a word frequently comes up at the beginning I can't make what it says.

    The entry starts with ref to bir el aslagh - which is in libya with obviously a grid ref. Then mentions a word along the lines of bashe leaguen - can anyone help assist with this what or where this refers to it might be boche leagues or maybe beole leaguen ?

  2. RemeDesertRat

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    can you post a scan? leaguen might be leaguer?
  3. Andreas

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    Boche leaguer sounds likely.

    All the best

  4. chrisgrove

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    The word 'basha' has been in use in the army for a long time to indicate an improvised shelter (originally made from large leaves in the jungle I believe). Maybe the Bays used the term Basha Leaguer to indicate that they had to leaguer up under improvised shelters (though one would have thought that was probably the norm!).

  5. BFBSM

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    Having looked at my copy of the Diary, for 1 June, 1942, the words in question are 'Broke leaguer'.

    The full sentence being:

    Broke leaguer and took up same battle positions.

  6. Tom Canning

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    More than likely they "Broke Leaguer" and took up Battle positions - of those who don't know - MOST tanks after the day's battle would assemble closely in order to re stock with Petrol - Ammo - Food etc - to save the echelons chasing them all over the desert in this case - this was known as a Leaguer - which I believe came from the assembly of troops in South Africa....

  7. ncayote

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    thanks everyone

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