Unknown USAAF soldiers brought over to Margraten or other US Cemeteries

Discussion in 'US Units' started by Philip Reinders, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Philip Reinders

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    Is there a way to find out which (unknown) graves buried in the Netherlands were buried at Margraten or other cemeteries, and which grave number.

    As in most Dutch Archives, I can find documents if USAAF pilots were killed and buried local, but when it state that they were taken away, there is no feed back to the location and grave.
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    You may need to contact/register with our sister side on the other side of the pond - WWII Forums - they may know the system used for documentation etc

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    I would think that the ABMC (American Battlefields Momentum Commission) might be able help with an enquiry regarding the transfer of US personnel from battlefield graves to US ABMC concentrated cemeteries such as Margraten....there might be also some information on those casualties whose NOK chose to repatriate their remains back to the US.

    Incidentally, the AMBC database only covers those who lie in AMBC cemeteries

    American Battle Monuments Commission
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  4. Philip Reinders

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    contacted ABMC, they told me to get in touch with Margraten Cemetery Records.
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    While anybody reading Stuart Hadaway's "Missing Believed Killed" could be forgiven thinking that the US Graves Registration Units were quick to disinter British and Commonwealth casualties and rebury them in US cemeteries like Margraten, the truth is it happened in the opposite way as well

    I recently obtained the Individual Deceased Personnel File on a USAAF rear gunner lost with his whole RAF crew on ops to Berlin. Originally buried with his crew at Diepholz, he was disinterred and moved to Heerstrasse in Berlin. It could not be said that that the MRES staff did not know he was American as a) his cross was marked as American and b) he was wearing a US jacket with DFM ribbon on it.

    Disinterred a second time he was moved to the US Military Cemetery at Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium where he lies today.
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